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10 Dressing Room Ideas


A dressing room is the epitome of class. A whole space dedicated to preparing yourself for the day ahead and then winding down once it’s all over. Far more than a room! For those who think getting dressed is more of a ritual than a necessity, dressing room ideas are enough to make us feel a bit excited. However, if you’re just getting started with your dressing room design, it can be tricky to know how to take the first step. Whether you’re looking for some fresh dressing room inspo or are ready to start your first-ever design, here are ten dressing room ideas to help you create the perfect dressing room paradise. 

Evaluate Your Storage Needs

empty dressing room waiting to be

Before you even consider starting to come up with the perfect dressing room ideas, you’ll need to determine what you want from your new extension. If you’re beginning your dressing room entirely from scratch, you should consider what you wish your dressing room to store, how you want to store these items and what layout will accommodate this. Of course, the basis of strong dressing room ideas is a good organisation scheme to keep all your belongings in order. So, try and answer the following questions before you start considering dressing room ideas to ensure that your layout is perfect:

  • Would you prefer to hand or fold your clothes? Or perhaps a mix of both? How can you accommodate this?
  • Do you want all your stored belongings on show for easy access, or would you prefer them neatly kept in wardrobes or drawers?
  • How much rail space or how many drawers would you need for your desires?
  • Where will you store your shoes or bags? 
  • Do you want a vanity table in your dressing room?
  • Where will you keep out-of-season clothes, such as bulkier coats, jackets and jumpers?

Find The Perfect Colour Scheme

woman considering dressing room ideas in her dressing room

Choosing a suitable colour scheme can make all the difference to your dressing room ideas. So, before you start picking out furniture, consider what colours you want to see in your dressing room. The colour palette of your dressing room should allow some self-expression while also providing a relaxing atmosphere. So, you could opt for something unique, like a neutral colour scheme with a pop of colour on the ceiling or specific pieces of furniture. But, then, it’s entirely up to you!

Then, once you have a cohesive colour scheme that sets just the right mood, you can start choosing furniture and accessories that match, creating an immediate sense of harmony in your dressing room.

Here are some colour schemes we’d suggest for your dressing room design:

  • Earthy Tones – Tan, beige, taupe, grey and cream
  • Bright Tones – Yellow, red, blue, white, and black
  • Jewel Tones – Sapphire blue, emerald green, ruby red and citrine yellow
  • Soft Tones – Blush pink, crimson, tawny brown, white and black 
  • Sophisticated Tones – Black, gold, white, grey, and deep blue

However, if you’re designing a smaller dressing room, you should factor this into your colour scheme. To make your dressing room look bigger, you should use a light colour scheme to create the illusion of space. For example, you should consider including pastel and natural colours to enlarge the room and reflect plenty of natural light.

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Consider Your Materials

a dressing room is one of the best small spare room ideas

The materials you use in your dressing room design are just as important as the colour palette you choose. From walnut wood to glass-fronted cabinets, the materials you choose to include in your dressing room help to set the atmosphere and complete the final look of the space. For example, if you’re looking to create a classic, sophisticated room, you may want to include plenty of polished ink-stained wood drawers and wardrobes. However, if you want to go for a more modern, laid-back vibe, glass-fronted cabinets can help you set the right tone. Here are some of our suggestions for materials you can use in your dressing room design:

  • Ink-stained wood
  • Walnut wood
  • Glass
  • Textile
  • Metal
  • Resin
  • Leather

Use Sophisticated Wallpaper

a dressing room with an accent wall using wallpaper dressing room ideas

A dressing room doesn’t have to just rely on paint for style. You can incorporate some elegant wallpaper designs into your plan or wallpaper the entire room if you’d like! Certain wallpaper designs, like grasscloth, just ooze sophistication and class, and if these sound like elements you want to include in your dressing room design, wallpaper may be perfect for you. As long as you can find colours that fit into the colour scheme we discussed before, wallpaper will only add to your design.

But, don’t limit yourself with wallpaper. You can go as bold as you like – think patterns, prints, textures, and bright colours. And you don’t even have to limit yourself to the walls! Why not experiment with wallpapering the ceiling, a wardrobe or just some of your wardrobe doors? Think outside the box!

Choose Fitted Furniture

blue and white wood dressing room

Walk-in wardrobes are some of the most desirable spaces in a bedroom. If you’ve always craved a walk-in closet, you can certainly incorporate it into your dressing room! In fact, you can go for bespoke everything in your dressing room if you’d like, including drawers and vanity tables. Not only does fitted furniture help to save room, it also lets you decide how you want the inner layout of your storage spaces to be, ensuring you get the best storage for your needs. 

Go Vintage

Whichever era you prefer, there’s no doubt that vintage style is one of the most elegant and coveted. Although all-out vintage may not be your style, don’t be afraid to try a little mix-and-match. For example, combine modern wallpaper designs and fabrics with traditional upholstery and classically patterned rugs for the perfect balance. Blending new and old materials will help your dressing room feel less contrived and more homely. 

Squeeze In A Vanity Table

dressing room design with a vanity table

In our humble opinion, no dressing room design is complete without a vanity table. After all, you don’t want to get yourself all dressed up in your personal space and then have to move rooms to add the final touches to your look. Plus, a vanity table gives you even more storage space for makeup, jewellery and small accessories. 

So, try and squeeze a vanity table into your dressing room. Even if it’s only a compact one, you’ll be glad of a vanity table when you start regularly using your dressing room. Of course, you’ll need a large mirror over your vanity table illuminated with plenty of light (natural light, if possible) so you can take advantage of this dressing room addition. 

Include Seating

dressing room design with sofa seating

Once you’ve found a way to fit a vanity table into your dressing room, you’ll need something to sit on so you can use it comfortably. This way, you’ll have a comfortable place to perch yourself right in front of the mirror with all your makeup and accessories immediately on hand. So when looking for seating ideas for your dressing room, think comfort and luxury – two things you want for your dressing room inspo!

Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to seating just for your vanity table in your dressing room design. You could think bigger and opt for an ottoman that stretches across the middle of the room, a wingback chair, or a window seat so you can admire the view as you get yourself ready for your day. Plus, several seating options, like ottomans, can give you extra storage space for bulkier items, like shoes and bags. 

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Don’t Forget Lighting

With all these elements put together just so, you’re going to want to see them! Good lighting should be a vital factor in your dressing room ideas, even though it may not be the most fun. Ideally, your dressing room should receive as much beneficial natural light as possible, so try not to hide any windows or cover them with bulky blinds. 

However, natural light isn’t always an option. In this case, you should opt for a strong overhead light to illuminate the whole room well. Then, tone down the harshness of this light with some spotlights or LED strips – you can fit these into your cabinetry for a splash of modern style. Finally, don’t neglect your vanity table! If you’ve managed to squeeze one into your dressing room design, you should ensure that it is well lit – large string lights around the mirror or spotlights should do the trick. 

Think Outside The Box

If you feel a little overwhelmed with everything you think needs to go into a dressing room now, don’t panic. Although you may not have endless metres of space, you can still set up your own dressing room – you just need to think outside the box. For example, empty hallways can make great dressing rooms with ceiling-to-floor cabinets and a hanging floor-length mirror. Or, you could double up with a guest bedroom and include some bespoke storage and a dressing table. Remember, this dressing room is for you! So, think outside the box and find the perfect place to bring your dressing room ideas to life. 

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Stylish Dressing Room Ideas

Finding dressing room ideas certainly isn’t tricky, but putting them into practice may be! However, creating a dressing room is a fun project for any fashionista, and the results make it all worth it. Follow our dressing room ideas for a space that’s easily put together without losing out on any style. 

Do you have any dressing room ideas of your own? Share your advice for budding dressing room designers below! 

Anna Sharples

Office and marketing manager for Sloane & Sons Stylish Chairs, who sell a range of high-quality tub chairs, accent chairs and more.


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