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8 No Fuss Dog Room Ideas


Dogs are a part of the family, and most dog owners treat them as such. However, have you ever thought of giving your dog its own space completely? Potentially even their own room? Providing your dog with their own space in your home is excellent for making your pet feel comfortable, giving them a sense of security and helping you keep your home more organised. So, here are eight no-fuss dog room ideas you can try in your home to fully integrate the dog into your family.

What Is A Dog Room?

A dog room is an entire room or just part of a room you dedicate entirely to your dog and its needs. Often, a dog room provides a dog with a relaxing place to chill out in an area surrounded by their belongings and favourite things. However, you can also have a dog room dedicated to caring for them, including things like a grooming or feeding station.

8 Easy Dog Room Ideas

a dog in a room being decorated around dog room ideas

With a dog room, there is no one size fits all. Instead, you can design a room based entirely around your dog’s needs and wants. For example, if your dog is an anxious pet, you can put together a dog room that allows your dog to relax and unwind. On the other hand, if you have a boisterous pet, you can create a space with all their favourite toys so they can burn up their energy. If this is the case, take a look at our tips on dog-proofing furniture to keep your furniture both inside and outside your dog room clean and unharmed.

No matter your dog’s personality, we have eight dog room ideas that you can put together easily to give your dog their own space in your home.

1. Convert The Storage Room

If you have a large storage room or cupboard where you keep anything from cleaning equipment to Christmas decorations, you can put part of that storage room to use by converting it into a dog room. Of course, safety is paramount, so before moving your dog’s belongings into the room, ensure that anything dangerous, such as cleaning liquids or belongings that you don’t want your dog to chew or play with, are safely stored far from your dog’s reach. Then, once you have cleared plenty of space, bring in a comfortable bed or blanket for your dog and their favourite toys to create a quick, no-fuss dog room.

2. Combine Rooms

Often, we don’t use most of the space we have. For example, perhaps you have a space in your hallway that is always cluttered or simply remains empty. Or, maybe you have a corner of your living room that you don’t use? Well, you can combine these rooms to bring your dog area ideas to life! Section off part of a room – potentially a busy room if your dog loves being around people, or a quieter area if they don’t – and fill it with their favourite toys, belongings and a blanket to make your dog instantly feel comfortable.  

3. Create A Human Seating Area

a dog sitting on a cushioned chair in their dog room

Of course, a dog room is for your dog. But there’s no doubt that your dog loves you too, so why not give yourself some space in your dog area ideas? By including a comfy button back chair in your dog room and adding a throw and some scatter cushions for comfort and protection, you can give you and your dog a cosy place to bond in their space. Whether you want to use this human seating area for some cuddles with your dog or to give you a place to rest while you play with your dog, it’s certain that both you and your pet will relish this relaxed bonding time.

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4. Set Up Gates or Fencing

Of course, you want your dog room ideas to prioritise safety as well as comfort and fun for your dog. So, it may be in your best interest to set up gates or fencing in your dog’s room, especially if you don’t have the space to dedicate an entire room to your dog. Using special pet gates or fencing to section off your dog’s space will ensure that your dog makes the most of it without getting themselves into too much trouble. Adding gates and fencing is also beneficial to keeping the rest of your room tidy while your dog enjoys their space.

5. Fill It With Useful Toys

Naturally, you can’t have a dog room without your dog’s favourite toys! You know your dog best, so it’s entirely up to you which toys you keep in their space. However, some of the most beneficial toys and accessories you may want to include for your dog are chew toys (which are especially good for teething puppies), balls, squeaking toys and puzzle toys. If you’re looking for dog room ideas for anxious dogs, there are several toys available that are designed to relieve anxiety that you may want to invest in, although puzzle toys are often a good solution.

6. Add A Grooming Station

a dog lying on a bed

Your dog room ideas can accommodate many uses, and perhaps one of the most useful would be to add a grooming station. Creating a dedicated space for grooming can make the whole process much easier, from getting your dog to sit still long enough for you to do what you have to to cleaning up after. However, whether you make the whole room a specific grooming space or dedicate part of your final dog room to this task is completely up to you.

7. Set Up ‘Dog-Friendly’ TV Shows

You may have heard that some people like to leave the radio or TV on for their dogs when they are out of the house. Although you may scoff, leaving the TV or radio on for your dog can help relieve boredom when they are home alone, mask outside stimuli that could make your dog anxious or irritated, and desensitise them to being left alone[i]. So, why not set up dog-friendly radio stations or TV shows in your dog room? You could set up an actual TV or radio in your pet’s space or plug in a tablet to give them the same benefits. There are dog-specific channels you can subscribe to, or you can select calming documentaries or dog-friendly YouTube videos to leave on and comfort your dog in your absence.

8. Make The Most of the Space You Have

Most of us are unlikely to have a whole room to dedicate to our dog, but that doesn’t mean that a dog area is impossible. You only have to make the most of the space you have, even if this is just a small corner of the family room. With some careful considerations and planning, you can create a space for your dog that will bring a wealth of benefits without too much space. Simply consider what your dog enjoys, what will meet their needs and how you can store these in your dog room ideas for an area they will enjoy endlessly.


a dog with its owner in a room designed around dog room ideas

How Much Space Do Dogs Need?

How much space a dog needs depends almost entirely on the dog’s breed and size. Fortunately, you can measure your dog to determine how much space your pet will need. The best way to measure a dog is:

  1. While your dog is standing up normally or lying flat on their side, measure from the tip of your dog’s nose to the base of their tail to determine the length of your dog in inches. Then, add six inches to this measurement.
  2. Then, take this total number and multiply it by itself (square it). This result will give you your dog’s minimum floor space in square inches. If you would like to convert this result into square feet, which is optional, you can divide the total number in square inches by 144[ii].

How To Make Your Dog Feel Safe

Of course, the most important aspect of a dog room (and a home where a dog lives) is to make sure that the dog feels safe. Some of the best things you can do to make a dog feel safe in their dog room or in your home in general are:

  • Using powerful scents, such as aromatherapy sprays and pheromone diffusers, to calm your dog down
  • Keep their dog room quiet and private with a comfortable bed
  • Try music therapy with classical music, such as harp instrumentals
  • Create a calming, consistent routine for when your dog goes into their dog room

How To Dog Proof A Room

If you are giving your dog its own room, it’s vital that this room is safe and, ironically, dog-proof. Some of the best ways of making a room dog-proof are:

  • Store food and dangerous cleaning materials in another room or up high out of the dog’s reach
  • Tape down or hide electrical cords
  • Remove bins or replace them with models that are safer for dogs
  • Put away belongings that you don’t want your dog playing with, such as shoes or keys etc.
  • Make sure that the room is a comfortable temperature for dogs – normally 18 – 20ᵒc is suitable[iii]

Give Your Dog Some Space With Our Dog Room Ideas

We mentioned that dogs are part of the family, and members of the family normally have their own space to chill out and relax. Well, dogs need this space too! And, with our dog room ideas, you can give your pet just this. So, put some of our ideas to use and make your dog feel like a part of the family.





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