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How DIY Upholstery Can Make Your Home More ‘You’

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It's all good splashing out on a chair that really suits your style, but it’s hard work to find something truly perfect. Create your vision by doing it yourself!

We’ve all been there – we have the perfect vision of how we want a room to look and although we search high and low, we never quite find what we are looking for. And so, we ‘make do’, plumping for upholstered chairs and sofas that only meet partly meet our interior design vision.

But, it is possible to have the colour, the shade and the pattern you really want with do it yourself upholstery.


The Benefits of DIY Upholstery

There are literally thousands of choices of fabric type, colour and pattern available and so somewhere in the seemingly endless range, there will be something that matches your décor aspirations.

But there is more to it than just appearances.

When you are environmentally friendly in your choices

We all know and appreciate the growing urgency of making changes to the way we live and the choices we make. And thus, you are probably keen to live in a way that has minimal impact on the environment.

There is no doubt that DIY upholstery – is one of the decisions that support living in an environmentally friendly way.

Frankly, re-covering something says a lot about you and how you see your impact on the planet.

When you try to send less to landfill

A high-quality piece of furniture will have a robust frame that outlasts the top layer of fabric, no matter how fantastic or high quality the original upholstery is.

The consumer age taught a generation that when things started to look jaded or had seen better days, you simply threw it out. Essentially, there are thousands of sofas and armchairs that were needlessly sent to landfill.

It is not just about consumerism, but preserving quality pieces and workmanship, something that DIY upholstery is all about. It is about saving items from times past, preserving for use in the present and the future.

When you have a keen creative eye

Why do you want to follow the pack with mass-produced, off-the-shelf items? You don’t essentially and yet, we feel there is very little choice out there.

There is a choice and you can create something exquisite, different and unlike anything you will find in any other home, office or space.

If you have a creative eye – and even if you don’t! – DIY upholstery is a great way of making something personal to you. You choose the fabric type from leather or fabric, natural or synthetic. Follow this with a choice of colours and shading. And then choose whether you want a block colour or a pattern.

And what pattern will this be? Will it a checked pattern in your chosen colours or floral print…? The questions could go on for some time, but they are not arduous decisions.

When you don’t spend more than you need to

We could all be thriftier. There is a lot of waste in the household budget, places where we can make many savings and so when it comes to replacing significant items such as fabric tub chairs, sofas and other furniture items, you want to be confident you get value for money.

When extensive repairs are not required, reupholstering chairs and sofas can be more cost-effective than buying new. And so that unique sofa you’ve just created cost you far less than a new sofa from a high street store.

When you understand what unique really means

Unique means being different, standing out from e crowd but not just for effect. In creating your own upholstered item, you truly understand what it means.

You are creating a practical solution to an age-old problem – how to mix style with busy family life, or with pets, or as part of a home that is styled along certain lines.


Can You Really Re-Upholster Furniture Yourself?

It does seem a daunting project, ripping off old upholstery and attaching new. You may think it requires a lot of specialist equipment, skills and technique but actually, it is a DIY project that on a small and simple scale, you can complete yourself.

If your item has a simple structure, such as the pleasant curves of fabric tub chairs, you may be able to complete the project yourself. Choose your fabric, make sure you have enough, invest in a good quality staple gun and, taking your time, start to create something exceptional.

Or, you can invest in skilled re-upholstery services. There are many reasons why this is a great idea;

  • Sometimes, there is a need for repairs on the item which need to be done to a high standard before the top layer of fabric goes on.
  • Seat padding may also need to be replaced. This means cutting the right kind of foam or padding to shape and fitting within the chair or sofa.
  • Older items can look very different to modern pieces – for example, springs under seating and so on – and this can take a little more skill and know how to repair and renovate.
  • The item’s shape can present challenges thus, upholstering in sections is the way forward.
  • There are details that need to be added to retain the authenticity of the piece, such as beads or studding
  • You might also opt for extras, such as matching or contrasting scatter or bolster cushion that perfectly complements the chair.

Essentially, opting to re-upholster a chair or sofa means creating something that really is you, and not just in terms of style and colour.

It shows your love for retaining older objects and breathing new life into them. It can also and match your aspirations for making changes that benefit the environment.

But more than that, it is something beautiful in your home. A creative project that really does encompass everything about you.