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Dining Out in Comfort

How many times a month do you eat out and how much does it cost? Have you ever stopped to think about it... and taking it to the next logical thought, have you ever calculated how much you are spending? Thirty years ago almost all families had dinner at home every evening and of course there was the obligatory Sunday Lunch. Sunday Lunch in a restaurant was usually only for Mother's Day and at a push, Father's Day. Eating out on the whole was only considered for very special occasions.

Dining Out is the New Norm

Today, how many people open the kitchen cupboard and scrabble around to see what concoction they can put together? How many odd tins and packets that would make something that loosely resembles a dinner do you find? Very few , is the answer. How times have changed. It’s the norm now to decide at a moments notice to eat out. Whether it be Italian, Chinese, Indian, or fish and chips, it's easy. Piling into the car and driving anything from 5 to 10 miles to reach the restaurant is neither here nor there. It does however add to the cost of your dinner. Going to the pub or grabbing dinner somewhere is always a great way to catch up with your close friends or even re-visit old friends. This kind of eating out invariably is a long drawn out opportunity to graze and put the world to right. It’s not only the transport costs and the cost of the items that are ordered from the menu though is it? The big punch comes when you start ordering drinks. If you're sitting and chatting for an extended period of time, you hardly notice when another round of drinks appears!

Comfort Whilst Dining is key to Positive Experience

One of the things that dawns on you as you sit and chat is if your chair is uncomfortable or hard. Over a meal a hard chair will have you wriggling from one cheek to the other to try to restore the blood flow to areas that have, "gone to sleep". It didn’t used to be too much of a problem to most restaurant owners, as it was just what it was!! This is what we have got, and that’s how it is. Again, how times have changed. Customers are looking for an all round great eating experience. From food and drink to customer service and comfort. Those customers who don’t like some aspect of these requirements tell the whole world about it on TripAdvisor!

Comfortable Tub Chairs in Restaurants & Bars

Many bars and restaurants are choosing tub chairs as their new seating must have. Why is this? Tub chairs are enormously comfortable and are available in so many different fabrics including wipeable leather and faux leather that they tick every box there is. What a super affordable price for seating that brings everything to the party. Spilt drinks, dribbled gravy and those nuisance noodles that seem to slip and slide everywhere are just not a problem. Wipe them away with a damp cloth off faux or real leather tub chairs. The next people to sit can be down in a clean seat in no time! Happy customers are customers who return, and their feedback on the net helps other potential customers to decide where they are going to spend their money.