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Design trends that are out this year


It is time to work out the interior design trends that have dominated in 2019. We take a look at the different types of fashion, designs, colour and other choices that have dominated the minds of the best interior designer’s in the industry.  There are fades, and then there are markers of high style, whether it is a classic wall colour or a quality wingback chair.  Some things will stand in the spotlight for a short time, and some will linger.  Here we look at the design crazes and consider what will stay in and what might be on the way out this year.


Boo what? You may ask.  Well, ultimately, it means upholstered furniture with fabrics that have dramatic textures.  You can take your drab piece of furniture and then have it repurpose by some classy fabric showrooms.  This replaces leather in our rooms this year, as people become more concerned about the environment.  Leather comes from the hide of animals that are contributing to gases that are changing our climate.

palm inspired interior decoration

Palm Imagery

By palm, we mean palm trees, as opposed to your toddler’s handprints up your living room wall.  Whether the palm design is on your pillow, perched in a vase or covering your wallpaper, palm imagery is a significant trend in 2019.  It gives the impression of opulence and a paradise.  In uncertain times, the idea of an oasis is appealing.

In contrast, the stark cosiness of the Hygge look from Scandinavia is on its way out.  The design rules provided Scandinavian interior designers have been abused for a few years. Therefore, there has been a move away from this simplicity.

Layered look

Different heights and scales of furniture and accessories are being used effectively to offer a layered landscape in our room.  Tall lamps, low tables, and our sofas come together to create a clean environment.  In 2019, this has replaced the low-slung seating and tables with shaggy rugs of recent year.  It is likely a result of the market being flooded with bad replicas of quality pieces reducing the appeal of this look.

Curved sofa

Curved lines are replacing the traditional shapes of sofas.  People are choosing large pieces that are conversation pieces.  This replaces the room that is designed around the television.  It is no longer on trend to point all your furniture at the screen; instead, the TV is taken second place to the feature piece of a sofa.

experiential design

Experiential Design

Elevating the experience of the design has become increasingly important in 2019.  The point is to understand the feel of the design.  This is not so much the textures, but the atmosphere and emotions evoked by design.  It is creating a room that the client would love and yearn to come home to after a day of work.  It is a design that needs to appeal to all the senses.  This replaces the repeated, funky patterns that make a room feel busy.  Although these textured wallpapers have been a standard in design for decades, they are taking a bow out, at least for the moment.

Natural Textiles

Woods, cotton, linens and more should all be a part of a clean and open design this year.  This has pushed out that industrial look that had become so popular.  No longer do people want the design to look sturdy and blocky; instead, they want some more delicate and something that seems to offer a breathable space.

oversized white nightstand

Oversized nightstands

A new trend, or maybe one making a comeback, who knows – but the larger bedside tables are being used now to work with larger headboards.  This gives a balance to a room and with the bonus of extra storage space.  However, on the out are those gallery walls, where you fill a wall in your house with pictures.  The large-scale furniture is replacing the dominance of the art or photographs.  If you want to keep your art, then designers in 2019 will be suggesting one larger signature piece.


Sometimes the old makes a resurgence and canopies in the bedroom are on the way back.  Layers of fabric draping around the bed offer a dramatic and cosy look to any bed.  This is replacing the hotel-style master bedroom with neutral colours and harder lines.  You need something a little softer to be on-trend.

natural interior


We should all want to show interest in biophilia this year and beyond.  This concept reaches beyond interior design, as it focuses on the relationship between humans and nature, exploring the connection between the two.  In interior design, this results in a focus on natural and organic materials for our rooms.  There are woods, stone and plant-life brought into our homes.  This is partly a nostalgia for a simpler time, with technology and machines pushed out of view.  However, it is also a desire to celebrate our natural world.

Another trend in the modern world is to avoid gendered rooms.  There is no need to choose between the macho palette against a more feminine colour.  The hope now is to look to more universal ways of celebrating being human.

Memphis design

There has been an increasing focus on the Memphis movement, which has been taking over from mid-century design.  The focus is on primary colours and graphic lines.  This focus on colour selection has not been seen since the nineteen-eighties.  The point is to be not too rigid about the furniture lines and instead embracing tub chairs and curved sofas.  Memphis also replaces LA in the design we see in our rooms.  There has been a move away from concrete floors, and pendant lights of that LA café look that has been a recent but now dying trend.

Feminine tones

While macho masculine colours are a thing of the past, feminine tones are enjoying something of a resurgence.  There are dusty pinks and bronzes.  The use of these colours is as accents against a muted grey scheme.  The hints of tone will take away any potential drabness.  These small accent pieces are replacing the statement upholstery in jewel colours.  The move is to texture rather than a pattern.

Maximalist Art

Minimalism and Scandy design have dominated in recent years, but there is something of a pushback.  Interior design is looking to use brighter colours and graphic patterns.  Maximalist design is not scared to mix up the colours, the patterns and textures.  This means that concerns over matching furniture to art to create a minimal look are a thing of the past.  You need to love to hang out in your room, rather than worry it looks too cluttered when you sit on the furniture.

gramophone in front of floral wallpaper


Floral fabrics and wallpapers are coming back, with the beauty of flowers dominating.  The abstract or chintzy flowers are replacing the Ikat and trellis patterns.  These patterns favoured in minimal rooms are now looking a little tired and dated.

Rich jewel tones

If you choose the deep and richness of jewel colours, then you are going to have to give them an edge.  Layering rooms with paints and fabrics to provide them with a dramatic feel, which gives the design an almost architectural feel.  The focus on colours in pushing out the trend for cool greys that have dominated – as people now desire whites and warmer neutrals.

Boldly patterned backsplashes

The colour is also moving into the kitchen.  Bolder backsplashes using graphic tiles have replaced the monochrome of past kitchen designs.  The idea is to give the kitchen a bit of punch.  This is replacing the terrazzo trend for tiles.  It is not easy to change your floor tiles, so it is always best to be more conservative here.

Sustainable and handmade

A continuation of the theme of the environment comes with the increase in favour of sustainable, handcrafted furniture.  People are turning to materials like jute, rice paper and clay.  However, not all handmade materials are in this year.  Shibori, mud cloth and indigo, materials with a louder appearance, are out as people prefer a more natural look.

Four-poster beds

Are you pleasantly surprised at the possibility of getting a canopy and being on-trend? Then, you are going to be delighted that the four-poster bed is also coming back.  People are looking for signs and symbols of comfort and safety, and this is everything a four-poster bed suggests.  Unfortunately, if you were enjoying the resurgence of fibre art, which would seem the perfect partner to your bed, then this is seen as so last year now.

Twisted boho

The boho vibe is back but now with a hint of the vintage.  There is still that softer mismatch feel, but now with some layering and patterned fabrics.  This older design is getting a twist and completely pushing out those rooms that have no colour or texture.  We no longer want the monkish feel of minimalism; instead, we want to feel cosy and at home in our cave.


Now that it is apparent of what works and what doesn’t, become familiar with this season’s upcoming home decor trends. A Professional interior designer shares exclusive insights on what she will be using in her upcoming bathroom projects.

Edward Sloane

Edward is the managing director of Sloane & Sons Stylish Chairs. He is an expert in quality, comfortable upholstered chairs.


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