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Struggling for décor inspiration? Here’s where to find resources to help!


Whether you’ve recently moved house or you’ve simply decided to give your home a bit of TLC, you might be raring to go, but feeling overwhelmed by all the ideas in your head. Decorating your home can feel like a huge commitment. After all, if you spend your money on paint, furniture and accessories you want to love the finished product. This can make it tough to know where to start.

What’s that saying? All the gear and no idea… Well anyone can go and buy a tin of paint and a brush. In fact, anyone can go and by an entire house worth of furniture, but it’s making it look good that’s the hard bit. So if you’re feeling overwhelmed and struggling to find the inspiration to get started on creating your perfect home – we’re here to offer you some useful resources that will help to get motivated.

Start a decorating scrapbook

Confused about how to decorate a home and turn it into your haven? Why not start by getting yourself a scrapbook or organiser. It might feel a little excessive but getting your thoughts down on paper can really help to ease the stress. Not to mention you can stick in images of furniture or colour palettes that you want to look back at later.

Found an image of the perfect velvet accent chairs for your lounge? Stick them in the book! Taken a few swatches from your local home improvement store, stick them in too. It helps to have all your inspiration in one place and stops you forgetting important details of retailers, names or shades that you like.

Make use of the internet

You can also search thousands of images and make a virtual scrapbook online using Pinterest. If you go down this route you can make different boards for each room. Just be careful not to let yourself get too overwhelmed with the volume of images, and certainly don’t spend all your time pinning images and not actually getting any decorating done.

What’s more, you can run online searches to help you find furniture and retailers that match your budget. There are also dedicated home improvement websites and blogs you can check out for even more inspiration and expert advice.

Shop around

Another great way to get inspiration and see what’s actually out there is by shopping around. Of course you can do this online but you don’t get a real feel for the item until it arrives. Instead visit home improvement stores, furniture retailers and homeware shops to look at the items before buying. Some of the larger stores like IKEA even have all the furniture and accessories laid out in the style of a room, so you can really picture what your home could look like.

Ask friends or family for help

It can feel embarrassing to admit to ourselves and others that we don’t really know how to decorate a house. We all like to think that somewhere inside of us there is a talented interior designer, but sometimes that’s just not the case. But if you know your mum is a dab hand with a paint brush or that your best friend has a great eye for detail, ask for their help in choosing colours, furniture or units. They might even offer to help you get the job done!

Invest time and money in helpful resources

Interior design has become increasingly important in our lives and in popular culture. Nowadays there are plenty of helpful resources out there (aside from the entire internet) that can help you feel inspired. There are a number of interior design magazines that you can purchase and you can even buy whole books about the importance of decoration and fengshui in your home.

Better still, if you find anything you like in these you can cut it out and stick it in your scrapbook! You don’t have to spend a lot of money on resources, as well as there being a plethora of free home design apps available, there is also an increasing number of home improvement shows on TV and even on streaming sites like Netflix. These can help to get you feeling excited, motivated and also give you practical advice about decorating your home.

Are you feeling inspired?

There are a number of resources out there to help you create your dream home and one important thing to remember is that nothing is permanent. So while it may feel daunting redecorating your home, you can always paint over it or replace the furniture at a later date. So make the most of the resources above to help you start your decor adventure.

Edward Sloane

Edward is the managing director of Sloane & Sons Stylish Chairs. He is an expert in quality, comfortable upholstered chairs.


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