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Dare to be Different

How many of us dare to be different and feel confident about it? It’s more likely that we conform to what others expect to see from us in order to melt into the crowd and not “stick out”. We conform more often than not by wearing our hair in a certain style, wearing certain types of clothing for work or going out and perhaps even the spectacles that we wear. Why do we do it? Because we don’t want to be criticised or worse still, laughed at.

Fitting In

It’s almost like being part of a club. A club where you don’t pay a membership and where there is no official meeting place. What you wear can gain you an entry permit into the “in crowd”. It could be a meeting after work in a bar, training at the gym, or just sitting at your desk at work. How you present yourself in the various sections of your life, quite often dictates which people speak to you. Maybe even which people cross to the other side of the road to avoid you. When you shop for clothes, what is the most popular colour in any store? BLACK. It’s the common uniform for all but inside most of us is a person who loves colour and individuality just bursting to show the world who we really are but how do we do that? The answer is, we do it on home turf. Life is a little more forgiving when choosing colour schemes and furniture in our homes. It seems that behind closed doors we become more flamboyant. Our creative side comes bouncing to the surface. Our usual safe colours go flying out of the window and in comes the red, lime green , orange and purple. It used to be just curtains that we would throw caution to the wind with. Manufacturers are covering furniture in those hot colours we like to see at home and not only in the lounge. Even kitchen cupboard doors have stepped right up to the plate to emulate this.

Stamping a Personal Taste

Using a fabric tub chair as a statement piece brings that splash of colour to your room. If you want to make a BIG statement you should be looking at the funky hot colours of our faux leather tub chairs. Orange, lime green, red, plum, electric blue, yellow and if you still want to play it safe, we’ve got the brown and black. Ideal in any room, these faux leather tub chairs are easy to clean. Use a soft, damp cloth if there are any spillages. They're equally easy to move from room to room which gives you fantastic flexibility in your seating arrangements if you are entertaining. To sum up, they're pretty great in every department! Let the real you shine through and let your friends and family see your creative side when they visit your home.