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5 Cushion Choices to Make Your Living Room Furniture Stand Out

Furnishing your home is all about the little details that help bring everything together. Since the dawn of interior design, cushions have been an enormous part of soft furnishings and are the finishing touch that brings a living space together. There are several different kinds of cushion that can be used to complement your living room furniture and transform your home.

#1 Scatter Cushions

As well as providing comfort, cushions are a decorative statement. Scatter cushions, or throw pillows, are used to enhance your furniture and add a pop of detail or colour to a living space. You can revive your home without spending a fortune. Select scatter cushions in bright, vibrant colours to offset neutral-toned furniture. Greys, creams and brown tones are offset beautifully by millennial pink, turquoise and crimson. Or choose delicately patterned cushions in a neutral tone for a chic and timeless look. To add a touch of luxury, choose cushions with fine brocade. For a Moroccan-inspired decor- choose hand-blocked cotton in deep shades with tassels. Alternatively, for a cosy country-cottage feel, pick textured materials in earthy tones. Throwing a dinner party? Wow your guests with pastel shades for a tasteful and sophisticated feel. Your living room furniture needs to be functional! Scatter cushions are where you can show off your personality. Why not create a living space that is completely unique by making your own? Follow our simple guide on how to sew a scatter cushion to add a splash of personality to your room.

#2 Bolster Cushions 

Don’t limit yourself to simple scatter cushions. Bolster cushions are a classic cushion that can be used for extra support and comfort, as well as adding a decorative flair to your living room. You can add a luxurious feeling to any room with cylinder-shaped bolster cushions. Choose from a range of shapes and sizes to suit your furniture. Bolster cushions are often regarded as an orthopaedic tool. Consider using them on window seats and on sofas for ultimate comfort. Bolster cushions are very versatile, and they can be used as an armrest while sitting or watching TV, or a headrest for lounging on the floor. Choose textured materials in deep warm shades combined with soft-lined furniture for a tasteful, wholesome feel.

#3 Knife-Edge Cushions

Knife edge cushions are made with two panels joined together without a border. This gives the effect of a domed centre that is similar to  a feather pillow used when sleeping. Knife-edged cushions are a chic and modern addition used for seat backs. Choose knife-edged cushions for your sofa and chairs for a modern take on soft furnishings. Knife-edged cushions bring an informal and relaxed feel to your living room and give you the opportunity to combine function with design. Use colourful patterns for your chair backs to couple creativity with function. This will create a beautifully balanced living room.

#4 Boxed Edge Cushions

Boxed edge cushions are constructed with one panel on top and one on the bottom. They're connected by a sidewall border around the edge. This gives a cornered box-like shape, perfect for chairs and sofas or window seats. The cushion cover is made to fit the inside perfectly so you have a smooth and pristine cushion without having to plump it up all the time. As they retain their own shape, boxed cushions are versatile and can be used for scattering on seating or floors and their more rigid structure means they offer more support - perfect for dotting around your house for lounging guests at parties.

#5 Floor Cushions

Inject some colour and informality into your living room with floor cushions. Durable material is generally used to make floor cushions. They are ideal for placement on hard floors when watching TV. They can also be scattered around the living room for guests during the festive season. Floor cushions can be as stylish as they are practical. Knitted and rajput styles are a great choice for floor cushions. Choose from a wide range of textures and colours, coordinate your floor cushions with your scatter cushions, throws, curtains and other soft furnishings. Floor cushions act as additional seating for your room as well as being a great way to express your personality. Floor cushions are also great for kids! They also provide some extra cushioning for snuggling in front of the TV, or sitting down to play board games. They are becoming more and more popular in today’s homes, and there are thousands of different textures, styles and colours to choose from, too.

Get Inspired

You can enjoy cushions in a variety of different ways. Once you’ve chosen the theme of your living room, don't be afraid to experiment with different colours, textures and patterns! Cushions are a fabulous way to showcase your personality, and there are hundreds of different types of fabrics to choose from, such as:

  • Cotton
  • Leather
  • Velvet
  • Satin
  • Silk
  • Suede
  • Wool
And many more! Each material has its own place in your home. You don’t have to be too strict with your colour scheme. When it comes to choosing colours, a general rule of thumb with cushions is to choose around three colours and stick to them. Of course, this is only practical advice, and a rainbow of cushions coupled with plain solid colour furniture can look fabulous too. Cushions are essential for defining the mood of your living room by bringing all the other elements together. Decide how you want your living space to feel and choose the cushions that best reflect that. Whether you want a chic and minimalist feel or Victorian-inspired grandeur, you should pick cushions that will stand out.