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Creating a Productive Home Office

Working from home has become increasingly common and it’s easy to consider why when you assess the benefits. You don’t have to worry about the commute, there is increased flexibility and it is easier to create a better work-life-family balance. Unfortunately with no office and seemingly no room for a proper office, it can be difficult to be as productive as you need to be. Sloane & Sons is going to address this issue in our latest blog post and show you how to create a productive home office even in the smallest space.

Finding your Office Space

The first challenge of creating a home office is finding a suitable space to call your own within your living quarters. If you live in a small flat or crowded home, this can be somewhat difficult. You need to identify enough of a space for at least a desk and chair, the rest you can be somewhat creative with. For example, look for a spare corner within the dining room, attic, garage or garden shed. You can utilise overhead storage in the form of shelves and place large objects such as hard drives and folders under the desk. There is also the option of fixing objects like calendars and chalk boards to the wall to save crucial space on your desk. Alternatively if you have a spare/guest bedroom within your home, why not fix it for multiple use? It could primarily become a spacious office for you with the addition of a sofa bed that can be used for guests whenever required. It might also be possible to turn a closet into a work space. This carries the benefit of then being out of sight when not in use. The key is to look at your home with open mindedness. All you need is a small space that you can transform into your own little office space.


Traditionally offices contain a wooden desk and a swivel based computer chair. However, you can be adventurous as you like with your furniture as this is your own personal space. The key to creating a productive space is to look for comfortable and visually appealing furniture. Tub chairs are popular furniture favourites for modern offices. They come in bright colours and have a supportive back rest so you can’t slouch but they are comfortable. Painted desks are also becoming an office favourite. White is by far the most popular choice but why not be more adventurous and opt for blue or cotton candy pink? Be unique and make your office appealing to you. The more your workspace looks like a traditional office, the more off-putting it can be. Change things up. For example if you are using a room for multi-functional purposes, traditional office furniture will likely stand out like a sore thumb. You might consider a transparent desk and chair instead as these won’t look as obtrusive in places such as bedrooms. Alternatively if you are reusing a room why not make existing furniture multi-functional like a chest of drawers or a dressing room table?


The more natural light you can obtain for your workspace the better. Sitting by a window provides you with as much natural light as possible so you don't have to rely on artificial options. This is also much better for your eyes. Having an outside view behind your desk can be also great for those moments when you are seeking inspiration. It could also however potentially be a distraction so bear this in mind when positioning your desk.

Personalise & Organise

Surround yourself with things that motivate you and make you happy. Coloured stationary, motivational postcard prints and family pictures are common favourites. Keep eyesores out of the way, like printers and cables, and surround yourself with a neat and tidy desk. Tub chairs can be your best friend here. Their often bright appearance can instantly cheer you up and help you to keep going. Create a cheerful desk where you feel happy. An appealing workspace will inspire you to be productive. Additionally ensure your desk always stays neat and tidy. Use jam jars and cutlery drawers to organise stationary. Mess will slow down your productivity so stay organised.

Stay Calm

Working from home can be a big ask, especially if you're new to all of it. Remember to try and keep on top of everything. It will stand you in very good stead in the long run. Hopefully you've gained a bit of help from this blog post and are ready to face the challenge. Good luck to all of you working from home today and in the future.