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Create a Relaxing Haven in your Living Room



The humble armchair comes in a range of sizes, designs and colours. It is the one item of furniture that, if chosen carefully, will transform your living room into the relaxing, comfortable space you want and need it to be. Adding a tub chair or two to the living room pictured above would frame the sofa perfectly, creating the perfect living room.

But how do you choose an armchair that brings a sense of comfort and calm to a room?

Make a Design Statement

Before deciding on colour, you first need to decide on the style of armchair that will best complement your living room. It should bring about a sense of calm and comfort and create a space that looks and feel welcoming.

There are many ways of doing this, and the right furniture is one of them. From the traditional and the formal to the minimal and cutting edge, no matter what style you choose there is an armchair to ‘fit’ perfectly.

This is the first element of creating a welcoming space: cohesion between the pieces in the room that create a sense of style. For example, a large, traditional, wing backed armchair may not suit the modern or minimal design (unless you are opting for a deliberately quirky look).

Fabric tub chairs, for example, are fantastic additions to any space. They err on the modern but still retain a sense of the traditional. Fun and curvaceous, the tub chair is also minimally imposing on the sightline due to its shorter length. Its soft curves are welcoming to anyone who enters the room.

Make a Colour Statement

Colour is an important (if not the most critical) element when it comes to creating a relaxing haven in any room, but this is especially true in the living room.

You don’t just have to opt for muted colours to create a sense of peace and tranquillity. As long as there is cohesion between colours – use the rule two main colours and one statement colour – you can’t go wrong.

And there is nothing to say you shouldn’t have some fun with colour choices! In fact, a fabric tub chair in the lounge can be the statement colour item in your design scheme. This Bristol Red tub chair would be perfect.

Of course, you can choose a more muted colour as your statement colour. With neutral coloured walls, colours can seem much brighter. In this case, sticking to darker colours and tones is ideal, such as an olive green tub chair (imagine this with a white or cream woollen throw!) Silvery grey works just as well.

Make a Pattern Statement

Just as a relaxing haven doesn’t have to mean muted or pale colours, it also doesn’t have to mean that you kiss goodbye to all of the patterns in your design scheme. A patterned armchair gives a perfect lift to any living room design without adding a cacophony of colour that turns it from tranquil space to a chaotic mess with no focal point.

A cohesive design pulls everything together, but within the design, you need something ‘a little different.’ This should be something that adds lift within the wider confines of the overall design.

A patterned fabric armchair is the ideal solution. Checked or tartan fabric can be ideal for adding patterns that don’t consume a space. Again, they work well in a number of design schemes, from on-trend minimal designs to the most traditional.

Have some fun with a daisy patterned fabric tub chair whilst creating a space that welcomes everyone at the end of the day. Orange daisies add a touch of youthful fun to the pattern but if you prefer a ‘neutral’ colour, opt for the black daisy tub chair.

Add Detail with Cushions and Throws

Now that you have a cohesive design plan with the ‘stand-out-but-not-too-much’ fabric tub chairs, you can set about adding detail and accessories. These small but important additions add depth and texture to a room, two key elements that give off the cosy, tranquil vibe you want.


Adding soft furnishings (like scatter cushions) works well for adding a zing of colour. You can use the same or similar coloured fabrics to support the room’s design and colour scheme. Other helpful hints include:

  • Vary the sizes of cushions – From oversized floor cushions to smaller cushions, varying the size of the cushions you add to your sofas and armchairs helps to introduce different levels and depth to your living room design. If you are opting for a peaceful haven, the more cushions you have to snuggle up to, the better!
  • Different materials and fabric textures – Another variation that adds to the depth of a room is a mix and match approach to fabrics and textures. From the smoothness of batted wool to chunky knit woollen throws, there are many textures that are a delight in your living room. You can opt for ‘fluffy’ cushions, but if you overdo these they have a way of quickly turning the space from ‘chic’ vibes to teenage hangout vibes.
  • Shapes – Varying the shapes of cushions is a great way of adding detail. However, always do this in moderation. Stick with one main shape, and for the occasional spark of detail, add another shape. For example, use square cushions (including large and small ones) and then for a spark of interest, dress the tub chair with a round cushion that mirrors its own soft curves.


Throws are ideal for adding a pop of colour and texture, as well as a detail that oozes comfort. For the winter living room, add a throw or two in materials that have a deeper pile, such as easy to wash and dry batted blankets. Keep these in the same colour or add one in a lighter shade to lift the look if needed.

For the summer living room, swap woolen or fluffy blanket for a lighter throw. Fleece is a lightweight material, perfect for when the evenings are a little cooler.

There are many elements that pull together to create a pleasant, tranquil and welcoming atmosphere to the living room. Add soft, gentle lighting along with plenty of happiness and laughter and you have the perfect living room.

Anna Sharples

Office and marketing manager for Sloane & Sons Stylish Chairs, who sell a range of high-quality tub chairs, accent chairs and more.