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Colour Schemes That Are Perfect for Spring

Spring is a time of new life and with warmer temperatures allowing us to shed some winter layers, it is the ideal time to breathe new life into the interior of your home too. Throw open the windows and let the cool spring air blow away the cobwebs of winter past and enjoy the spring clean.

How to Give Your Home a Fresh Look

For many us, part of the spring clean is picking up a paintbrush and reviving the walls. Or maybe you go a little further than that and choose new wallpaper and floor coverings.

If you don’t want the expense of remodelling the whole house or room, there are small changes you can make to bring a sense of freshness and appeal to a space. Take a look at what colours are on trend this spring and how they could work with current furniture, chairs and sofas included.


Neutral Tufts, Tassels and Feathers

With winter nearly done, you may want to switch up your soft furnishings such as rugs and throws, from winter to spring. Lighter colours tend to be associated with the months of spring and summer, but which colours and shades are perfect for the coming season?

Choose neutral shades for throws and rugs and you will find that they fit perfectly, no matter what colour walls, curtains or furniture you have. But stick with plenty of texture which is where the tufts, tassels and feathers come in.

As well as plenty of fringing and detail, opt for rugs and throws with a hint of black to them, a colour that frames a room as well as gives it boldness.

Want to know more about how colour works in a room? Our furniture colour chart has the answers.


Pretty Pastels

Spring is associated with pastel colours, from pretty yellow to light green shades and hues. Reminiscent of Easter, there is no need to assume that these are the only colour options.

This season, the pastel shades for walls (and ceilings!) are ice-cream pretty. Think sorbet pink and light tangerine, with not-too-dark blue for the walls, shown off to maximum effect with white gloss paintwork.

Again, relatively neutral in shade, pretty pastel walls work well with all kinds of furniture colour. For a cohesive, stylish look, use contrasting light and dark shades – such as dark plum accent chairs with sugary pink walls and vice versa – for a stunning effect.


Geometric patterned wallpaper

It’s no surprise that spring signals the use of ditzy flower patterns, as well as bold flowered fabrics, but if you feel this is a little too predictable you are not alone!

The must-have pattern for wallpaper this spring – and one that makes a welcome change – is the detailed geometric pattern that can open up a space and give it the va-va-voom that it needs.

There are plenty of delightful examples, some taking in the pretty pastel shades we talked about previously. But if you want something more dramatic, look out for tan and orange wallpapers, laced with pretty gold effect detailing.

The latter works superb with leather upholstered accent chairs, especially brown leather but can also work with upholstered chairs, no matter what their style.

Not a fan of geometric patterns? There are alternatives with classic look wallpapers.



You can’t add too much foliage to a room this season and so if you like a pot plant or 10, then deck out your rooms full of pretty plants. Contrast this against a light coloured green wall and choose at least some kind of darker green accessory to pull it all together.


Want more colour in your home?

There is always space for strong colours in the home, but how you use them needs to work with the dimensions of your rooms too. We have seen some splendid examples of dark upholstered furniture, fabric and leather, completely transformed with a pop of bright colour.

Think throws with pinks, magenta and golden yellow, fringed with orange and red detailing. We have seen hints of Aztec inspired patterns too but with brighter colours rather than earthier tones.

It can also be as simple as adding two contrasting pieces to accent chairs such as a light pastel shade throw for a chillier spring evening, matched with a bold, contrasting block colour or patterned scatter cushion.

Bidding winter goodbye and welcoming spring into your home this season doesn’t mean an expensive overhaul. From the latest must-have cushions to a pretty, tasselled throw, what will you add to your home to welcome spring?