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Colour Schemes That Will Transition Perfectly into the Party Season

As the festive season draws closer, it’s the perfect time to give your home a colourful revamp. Impress your guests and transform your living space with our favourite colour schemes for the party season.

Duck Egg Blues

Duck egg blue is a beautifully delicate shade of cyan, perfect for refreshing your home. The grey-blue tone offers a subtle and sophisticated take on interior colour schemes. This reflects the muted colours of autumn with the freshness of winter. When looking for upholstery inspired by this hue, duck egg tub chairs are a simple and classic addition to any home. The neutral shade combined with the unique comfort of a tub chairs are perfect for guests unwinding at a party. No need to slump on the sofa when you can be seated comfortably. Tub chairs are unmatched in their clean lines and simple design. They provide excellent support and improve your posture. The fabric is very easy to wash (should any of your guests have a champagne-related accident!) It can be cared for easily with upholstery cleaning products. From curtains to rugs, shelving to paint choices, there are dozens of ways to incorporate this beautiful neutral shade into your house this party season. Duck egg tub chairs are complemented beautifully by gold-toned scatter cushions. They look fabulous in hallways, bedrooms or living areas. Embody the stunning simplicity of duck egg blue and get your home ready for the festive fun to come.

Rustic Shades

As the days grow colder and the leaves are a flurry of reds, browns and oranges, there really is nothing like an English autumn. Why not bring some of the natural hues of the season inside by boosting your home’s colour scheme? By using natural, warm shades such as ochre, mustard, russet and wood tones- your home will embody the beauty of autumn while staying cosy and snug. As interior design expert Mark McCauley explains in his book on colour therapy, it’s a great idea to incorporate colour lessons from the natural world into your home. McCauley says to use darker shades for floors and carpets, as this represents the naturally darker earth, use medium shades for walls and furniture as much at our eye level in nature is this colour. Utilise lighter shades towards the ceiling, replicating the natural light from the sun and sky. Reflecting the natural colours of autumn and winter in your home means using earthy rich tones. Warm gold, deep burgundy and chestnut brown create a cosy but decadent party environment.


Neutral Greys

You can’t go wrong with a good neutral shade. So why not freshen up your home this party season with the neutral favourite, grey? The typical British weather is grey skies and rain. But you can still embrace the beauty of grey inside. A grey colour scheme can add freshness and warmth with an added subtlety. The versatility of grey means that it goes well with almost any other colour. Pair pale greys with pastel shades for a sophisticated and tranquil environment. You could even team slate grey furniture with splashes of vibrant pink or red for an energetic feel. You may choose to stick to a strict neutral colour palette for a relaxing and inviting living space. Combine mid-tone grey flooring and walls with neutral soft furnishings and delicate patterns on cushions and curtains for a fabulously chic hosting space.


Emerald Green

Embrace your decadent side this party season with emerald green. This rich and opulent colour originates from the precious stone which has a distinct bright green colour with a faint bluish cast. Using greens in a living space is a wonderful way to inject vibrancy and energy into your living space, while still maintaining the calmness of the natural world. Emerald green looks fantastic when used both wall-to-wall and as a feature colour. Make classic white furnishings pop against patterned emerald green wallpaper. Or incorporate splashes of emerald scatter cushions, throws, curtains and rugs among neutral tones. Emerald tones are fantastic for the party season: as the trees begin to lose their leaves, pines and firs come into their own. A warm pine-coloured living area is perfect for the colder months, and transitions beautifully into Christmas, New Year and beyond. A timeless classic, emerald green is a great choice if you’re looking to breathe new life into your home this season.


One of the simplest ways to create a tranquil and harmonious look for your home is a monochromatic colour scheme. Focusing your interior design solely on black and white adds a strikingly modern twist to your living space and allows space for bright feature colours against its neutrality. Using black and white as the central theme means stripping back to basics. Combine black walls and floors with the clean lines of white soft furnishings and raw, pale woods for a minimalist Zen-like feel. Use glossy black furniture with warm cream soft furnishings for a luxuriously cosy lounge area. If you already have an all-white room, experiment by adding black and white details in key places. Monochrome-patterned cushions, lampshades and curtains can bring a subtlety and warmth to your home this winter. Monochrome is also an excellent choice for bathrooms. Victorian design inspires the classic black and white tiles paired with a two-tone cast iron bath and shining white sink for a clean but cosy bathroom, so you can unwind in a well-earned bubble bath once your guests have gone home.