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How does a colour scheme reflect your personality?


Choosing a colour for your décor could be more vital than you think.  Psychologists make links between your colour choice and your personality.  This link is not such a surprise.  Colour has a distinctive power to reflect inner feelings.  The good news is that whatever colour you choose, we have a velvet accent chair to match.  But, really what you want from this article is a prediction of your personality based on your colour-scheme.  Let’s see how accurate these predictions can be.


If you choose red, then you are not afraid of making a statement.  Could this reflect your fiery and passionate side?  Yet, there is something intimate about red.  It draws in the wall and gives the room a unique cosy feeling, especially if embellished with creams.  There may be a secret side to you, but on the outside, for strangers and acquaintances, you appear outgoing and action-orientated, someone who loves to live life through the senses.


You are happy.  Or, you like to appear happy.  If you go buttercup rather than mustard, then you are happier still.  Psychologists say yellow reveals a logical mind and you want things in their place.  You are energetic.  All these features of the yellow-lover are essential because it is a colour that quite quickly shows up the need for some housekeeping.


If you like green, then you are a friendly sort.  You are affectionate and kind.  This is probably why the big, friendly giant needed to be green, that and he was selling vegetables. This colour suggests a connection to nature and the love of a serene environment.  You are likely someone who thinks hard about your wellbeing. On the other hand, you could be someone who struggles with anxiety and is looking for a calming environment.  This is also the reason why green makes the perfect colour for a child’s bedroom, where they relax before sleep.


Well, you are a little conflicted if you are a lover of purple.  You have the calm of the blue and the passion of the red.  This mixture actually bestows upon you some particularly desirable personal qualities, as you are both charismatic and understanding.  Purple is also the highest level of the chakras, where you have reached wisdom in life.  Therefore, if you want to persuade people you are on a different plane, then you really should selectively splash purple around your house.  If you choose a cool-ish shade of purple, you can complement this with a lovely olive green, to add even more calm contentedness to your aura.


If you choose white, then you clearly do not have pets and children, and maybe not even a partner of any kind.  Keeping a white space white is an unmistakable stamp of independence and organisation.  You like your place to be in order and will avoid clutter.  There may be one or two blocks of colour for your signature piece. However, you will aim to celebrate simplicity.


Blue is obviously the symbolic colour of the baby boy in your life, though you may be trying to step outside gender stereotypes and may choose a more neutral colour.  If you are using blues in your living space, you are both relaxed and calm.  Some may read you as a sensitive personality when really you internalise because you prefer mental clarity and productivity.  The darker the blues, the more suggestive of a bleaker, more depressing outlook.


You may be lost in 1980s Miami with your black leather, or you may enjoy creating an artistic and sensitive space – likely more the latter.  Black is seen as a means of defence.  You are seeking to control your environment and so guard your emotions.  You are not likely to be the sort that often invites people into your home.

The effect of colour on you

Maybe more important than offering simple personality profiles is understanding that colour will have an impact on your psychology.  A yellow room might make you feel anxious, for instance.  A dark blue or black room may dampen your mood.  Colour is a persuasive communicator to our subconscious.  It can even impact our blood pressure and metabolism.  Therefore, you may be a happy person with a touch of anxiety, in which you might want to choose green.  You might want a colour that inspires creativity, then purple or black could be for you.

Anna Sharples

Office and marketing manager for Sloane & Sons Stylish Chairs, who sell a range of high-quality tub chairs, accent chairs and more.


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