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What Does Colour Say About Your Personality?

Ever wondered what your home says about you? Well here at TubChairs.com we have put together a colour chart of all our furniture colours and patterns to tell you exactly what your furniture choice says about you. For those redecorating, we have also included a few tips as to how you can use each colour or pattern within your homes. Let us know what your furniture says about you in the comment section below.


Deep Red

Deep red is rich colour and is quite a popular choice for home. Auburn furniture is often accompanied with patterned cream or black wallpaper. Dark red is best suited to fabric furniture as it may look harsh when teamed with leather. Qualities: Elegant, sophisticated, expensive taste, mature

Bright or Light Red

Bright or light red is a warm colour. Its lighter tones make it more of an adventurous and bold colour choice for the home. Qualities: Passion, exciting, spontaneous, adventurous

Bright Orange

Bright orange is vibrant and less common colour choice for homes. It is more commonly found in flats or offices within the home. It’s a daring choice and needs to be embraced. Use as a standout piece within the home or team with tribal prints and brown colour schemes. Qualities: Exciting, daring, vibrant, happy, energetic, sociable, active, experimental

Bright Yellow

Bright yellow makes a house a very happy home. The summer spirit is always there and should be used to brighten the home. Use in an office if comfortable with colour or make it a bold piece in your dining room. Qualities: Luminous, energetic, lively, friendly, joyous, happy

Golden Yellow

Golden yellow is a darker yellow with orange and gold pigments. It is less bright but just as happy and cheerful. This is easier to incorporate into your home but we recommend using this colour in light and airy rooms. Qualities: Positive, happy, hospitable, comfort, cheerful


Plum is a purple colour with a reddish twinge in its pigment. A romantic colour that is best suited to a living room or bedroom. Qualities: Romantic, feminine, royal, sophisticated

Electric Blue

Electric blue is bold and daring. It’s energetic colour scheme is for striking people who want their home to make an impression. It can be used wherever but we would recommend it for office rooms or the living room. Qualities: Electric, energetic, exhilarating, impressive, strong

Chocolate Brown

Chocolate brown is a traditional and multi-functional. It works with all colour schemes and can be used in most environments. Qualities: Positive, rich colour, robust, practical


Black is powerful and bold. It takes a strong personality to have black in the living room and takes a creative person to make this work. Qualities: Bold, classic, daring, powerful, strong, creative


White is a bold colour choice and very daring if your household includes children. This clean cut colour can provide a fresh spirit anywhere within the home, but we recommend the conservatory. Qualities: Bold, daring, pure, organic, fresh, clean


Ivory is a classic colour choice that is multi-functional. We think ivory would add a great piece of luxury to a dining room. Qualities: Classic, neutral, organic, smooth, subtle

Lime Green

Lime green is bright, bold and beautiful. It’s a statement colour scheme that requires a modern and creative style. Qualities: Fresh, youthful, refreshing, reviving, bold, modern

Creams and Neutrals

Creams and neutrals are probably the most common choice for home colour schemes within the UK. Most people decorate their entire home in cream and neutral colours; perfect for adding extra light to your home. Qualities: Natural, organic, light, smooth, calm, practical

Teal and Light Blue

Teal and light blue are up and coming colours that have become so popular with homeowners in the UK. More and more people are using teals and light blues in their living rooms and bedroom because of their colour meaning. Qualities Calm, peaceful, cool, tasteful, reassurance, patient


Olive is a very organic colour that looks good when accompanied by creams, reds or yellows. This colour requires creativity to highlight its warmth and sophistication. Qualities: Classic, camouflage, peace, organic, warmth



Floral patterns are the most popular type of print. Their soft and attractive patterns have seen these most commonly used in intimate rooms within your home - think bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms. Qualities: Feminine, stylish, soft, peace, calm, fresh, intimate, beautiful

Polka Dots

Polka dots are an easy to way to mix two favourite colours or blend different shades of your chosen colour scheme. A creative and adventurous print. Qualities: Bold, vibrant, daring, adventurous, creative


Tartan is a traditional pattern that takes pride within many people’s homes. We recommend its use in the conservatory or living room. Qualities: Adventurous, stylish, sophisticated, traditional, creative, courage