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How To Clean Your Furniture Without Any Chemicals


Having purchased our beautiful Morris Green Tartan Wingback Chair, you will want to keep it clean.  Using too many chemicals is now frowned upon, as the environment needs our protection.  Therefore, when keeping your new chair clean, we want to offer advice on how to do this.  We want you to be happy with your chair without using anything other than what you can find in your food kitchen cupboard.  Not only will these choices protect our world but also your health and the longevity of your furniture.

The infographic first helps you understand what is meant by the codes on your furniture labels.  Often, quality furniture comes with clear advice about how to clean them successfully and safely – whether you can use solvents or whether you need to pat down with soap and water.

If furniture cannot deal with chemicals of any kind, then you are going to have to read on through the infographic.  Chemicals are not only an ethical decision but a definite no go.  Therefore, you will need to know the secret cleaning power of some of the products you will have in your kitchen.  Search to the back of the pantry and see if you can find corn starch, baking soda, cloves, bay leaves, white vinegar, olive oil, lavender oil, lemon juice and cornmeal.  It might sound like you are about to bake, but each of these products can be mixed to create natural cleaning products.

With a whole host of recipes for the perfect cleaning products, the infographic can help you make spick and span your upholstery through to your wooden furniture.  Just grab yourself an empty spray bottle and fill with the concoctions.  Find yourself some warm water and a selection of sponges and wipes, and you are ready to go.

If you are worried that this all sounds too much like a science experiment, don’t worry.  The infographic guides you through each type of material and offers quick checklists to help you when using the materials.  As the life of your wingback chair and your enjoyment on this furniture relies on your success, we have provided all the details you could need.

How To Clean Your Furniture Without Any Chemicals

Edward Sloane

Edward is the managing director of Sloane & Sons Stylish Chairs. He is an expert in quality, comfortable upholstered chairs.


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