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How to Protect and Clean Faux Leather Tubchairs


Faux leather is a fantastic alternative to leather upholstery and with many advantages of faux leather chairs, it is no wonder they are a popular addition to a busy home and keeping them looking pristine and in a good state is easier than you think too.

Before you start…

There are two essential points that you must remember when protecting and cleaning faux leather items;

  • Faux leather is a non-porous surface and that means the stains sit on top and don’t soak in
  • Don’t allow it to dry out because, if it does, it will crack and eventually crack

Faux leather is a synthetic material like is embossed with a leather look grain so that it looks and feels like leather.

Protection is Essential

Leather and its synthetic cousin, faux leather, may look similar but they are not the same. However, there are similarities and one is that both materials perform best when they are treated and protected before use.

Any product used that promises to provide a stain and moisture repellent protective layer needs to do so specifically for faux leather. A thin protective layer means that you won’t have to scrub furiously at the surface of the material to remove any spills or stains.

Opting for treated faux leather tub chairs may be a little more expensive but certainly worth it in the long run.

Stain & spills happen…

… and when they do, you need to be ready to act to stop the material becoming stained or damaged.

As well as a protective layer, regular cleaning and ‘moisturising’ of the material also helps it to withstand use, heavy or otherwise.

The key to cleaning faux leather upholstery is to use mild, non-abrasive cleaning materials. So, anything that has a strong smell or is heavily concentrated may be too much for it, drying it out and damaging it.

The best solution is simpler than you think: use warm water (not hot) with a few drops of washing up liquid and using a soft cloth, simply wipe over the chair with the solution. Allow it to dry before you use it again.

Other ways to protect faux leather upholstered items

Again, protection is the best policy when it comes to keeping any faux leather in great shape. It is a material that has its ‘enemies’ and so, making sure you shield it from these in essential in maintaining its pristine looks;

ENEMY – Sunlight

Sunlight dries out faux leather and so if your dining table or living room is in a sunny spot, try to shade faux leather dining or armchairs from the sun.

ENEMY – Colour transference

You may have read the small print on some heavily dyed clothing items. For example on black jeans that say they may leave a stain on light coloured furniture. Faux leather could do this too. If you notice this, use a ‘baby wipe’ to lift the colour from the surface of the chair.

ENEMY – Harsh chemicals

Faux leather is like human skin in a way. Harsh chemicals dry it out, so using bleach, abrasive cleaners etc. will remove too much moisture. It may sound odd, but if you wouldn’t use the cleaning substance on your skin, it will be too harsh for the faux leather too.

ENEMY – Not testing cleaning materials first

Even non-abrasive materials need to be patch tested. This means rubbing a small amount of the solution of the faux leather in a place where you can’t see it. Just do a small patch to see how the material reacts.

ENEMY – Not cleaning regularly

It is tempting when life is busy to do ‘just the basics’ but what this means is that some spills and stains are ground into the material. Along with dirt, this causes the fibres to be rubbed together and worn down. Make it part of your weekly cleaning routine to wipe down your faux leather tub chairs

ENEMY – Scrubbing at a spill or stain

When you do spot a stain, the temptation is to grab a cloth, douse it with cleaning fluid and scrub at the affected area to lift it. This weakens the fibres of the material, but it can also lift too much of the fabric’s colour too. When you do need to get heavy with a stain, use a circular and light rubbing motion.

Faux leather is an ideal material in many ways. And it only takes a little care, attention and know-how to keep it in pristine condition. Tough and durable, will your next sofa or armchair be upholstered in faux leather? Find out more advantages of faux leather tub chairs.

Anna Sharples

Office and marketing manager for Sloane & Sons Stylish Chairs, who sell a range of high-quality tub chairs, accent chairs and more.