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Design a Room Your Child Won’t Outgrow


Designing and decorating a child’s room is expensive and time-consuming. What makes it hard is that within a short time, their tastes and needs can change, leaving you to redecorate and design all over again! Find some inspiration here on how to future-proof the design of your child’s room, including furniture choices that will last for years.

As your child grows, their personal tastes will change but this doesn’t mean you have to replace expensive stuff time and time again.

#1 Invest well in long-lasting features

There are many aspects of the room that you won’t or can’t change on a frequent basis and so, you need to choose carefully;

  • Carpet or hard flooring

Carpet can bring warmth and depth to a room, whereas hard floor such as a high-quality vinyl or laminate can be incredibly hard wearing and easy to clean. Add rugs to give it a pop of colour, something that is easily changed.

  • Bedroom furniture

Bedroom furniture basics such as a chest of drawers, wardrobe and bed, for example, can also be future proofed.

It’s tempting to opt for furniture in bright primary colours and whilst they suit a nursery, they won’t last for more than a few years before your child asks for something more grown up.

Choose plainer furniture, adding colour and detail with decorating walls and with blinds etc.

#2 Versatile pieces

Versatility is key with bedroom furniture too so that you get the most of it as your child grows.

Bedroom furniture with a specific use can hold it back from being versatile.

For example, a changing table complete with chest of drawers is ideal but once your baby is a toddler and no longer in nappies, the item becomes obsolete.

Instead, opt for a sturdy chest of drawers and fit your own padded changing mat to the top. When you no longer need it, simply remove the mat.

#3 Keep the expensive stuff neutral

We’ve already hinted at this in the first point but it is worth taking a deeper look. One of the reasons why you need to change pricy items like furniture and flooring is because they are colour specific.

Keep the flooring neutral, as well as the bedroom furniture – opt for painted white items or wood items, for example – because no matter the age of your child, these items will fit every colour and decorating scheme.

#4 Add character and detail with accessories

It is the smaller details that are the most inexpensive to change, and the easiest too. Why not try…?

  • Adding a comfy tub chair to the room gives your child a space to sit and enjoy reading, playing games or when they are older, keeping up with their friends on social media.
  • The biggest colour impact is the bedding and great for bringing in patterns and details. Large checks and stripes are great when your child gets older. For younger children, character-festooned duvet sets and pillows are usually popular. Easy to change with trends too, bedding is great for adding depth and vibrancy to a room.
  • Wall art is important too, as well as shelving and other accessories that can help to add character to a room.
  • Don’t forget fun bedside lamps too!

#5 Get your child involved

It is, after all, their space. Adding things they like is a great way of building a room that they will love for a long time. It is also more likely they will want to stay in the space for longer too!

Make sure that the basics are in place – that is, the neutral floor and bedroom furniture – and that these are non-negotiable. But aside from that, if they want magenta walls with big yellow dots, why not?

When it comes to children and their tastes, nothing stays the same for long. Yesterday, their favourite food was sweetcorn and today, they won’t eat anything yellow.

The same can be true of their bedroom. The importance of the space should not be underestimated. With fertile imaginations, the looming wardrobe can be a place where monsters lurk at night. However, the bedroom can be a fantastic playground during the day.

Getting them involved in decorating their own room adds their own personality.

What ideas do you have for decorating a child’s room without breaking the budget – and one that lasts for a while?

Anna Sharples

Office and marketing manager for Sloane & Sons Stylish Chairs, who sell a range of high-quality tub chairs, accent chairs and more.