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Children’s Playroom Design Ideas


Creating the perfect playroom for your child isn’t easy. It needs to be fun and inviting, but practical too. We look at simple ideas for a child’s playroom that should last them for some years to come.

Designing a Playroom

If there’s one thing about designing and dressing a playroom, it is the fact that we can cut loose and have some fun. Creating a cacophony of colours, using bold stripes and even bolder spots and dots, it is a place that children should love.

As a play space, it needs to stimulating and colourful, supporting your child’s imagination to play, learn and develop.

However, before you grab a tin of the brightest, most vivid colour you can and start splashing it on the walls, you will need to spend some time planning the overall design.

What to consider

Not so much rules but guidelines so that you get the stylish space you want it to be – important if it is an open area of your home – but your child gets the space they want too.

It’s a family project…

And that means allowing your child to take the lead but also understanding the need to compromise. They may want an indoor trampoline with a slide that will take them directly to the kitchen when it’s snack time but that is probably out of your budget range…

Sit down together and draw a plan of the room. Look at catalogues and websites for ideas and inspiration but make it clear, that what is it: getting ideas for their own playroom. And who wants one that looks exactly the same as someone else’s?!

Consider the must-haves and what-would-be-nice to have in the playroom.

Future proof it

Children grow fast. One minute, they are toddlers learning to balance, walk and talk, the next minute they are pre-teens in need of a different kind of playroom space.

And then they become teenagers.

Wall colours can be easily changed, the fitted furniture and other options not so readily. Bear this in mind when making big purchases, accepting that at some point, the whole room will undergo a significant makeover.


It may seem a little early to include the idea of a desk and chair area but sitting at a desk, colouring or reading, or immersing themselves in a craft activity, is a great start for when they get to school.

As they grow, this workspace can be developed so that it includes a PC or other must-have tech.


Get clever with storage and opt for solutions that offer your versatility now and in the future.

Cupboards, drawers and boxes are all well and good but only if your child can access them too! In other words, opt for a height that they can access. The same goes for hooks on the back of doors and the like.

Most parents make it a rule that the space is kept tidy but this doesn’t mean keeping it absolutely pristine. Some of those soldiers and dinosaurs are marching to an important imaginary place! Take care not to cut across their play.


From a fold out sofa bed for sleepovers to pink tub chairs or blue tub chairs, or other bright colours, seating is a must-have in a play area.

On one hand, the playroom is great for ‘containing’ play and toys so that the whole house isn’t overtaken by ‘stuff’ and you don’t stand on a piece of Lego, surely the most painful affliction for a parent.

But it can also be a quiet space too. With upholstered and cushioned seating, this is exactly what a child learns. Sometimes, lounging in a tub chair, playing quietly or chatting with their favourite toy is just fine…

Reading corner

Sticking with the theme of chill out time for a moment, including a reading nook or corner in the playroom will encourage your little person to enjoy the printed words and the artwork of cartoons and books.

Children learn through play but to spark the imagination, children need books with stories of everything from daring-do to being a success even when the odds are against you. We make room for tech, but rarely books so buck the trend with a corner perfect for reading.

Using the tub chairs as the seating, or plump beanbags and a rug for warmth underfoot.

Personalise it

And finally, those pieces of artwork need somewhere to be displayed. Why not invest in a cluster of frames to showcase their artistic talents? Change regularly, cutting some of their pieces to size or into different shapes to add a touch of the personal to the playroom.

Anna Sharples

Office and marketing manager for Sloane & Sons Stylish Chairs, who sell a range of high-quality tub chairs, accent chairs and more.