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Children’s Bedroom Paint Ideas


When we think of home interiors, we often conjure images of pristine kitchens and elegant living rooms. We might even put a little effort into other rooms, such as bedrooms, bathrooms and studies. However, very few people think of decorating children’s rooms or choosing some exciting children’s bedroom paint ideas, apart from some colourful pictures and shelves full of toys. 

Colour is essential in any room, but even more so in children’s rooms. Colour can excite, inspire and do more for a child’s mood and development. So if you’re in a decorating mood, you should first consider some children’s bedroom paint ideas to give your little ones a place where they can be themselves in a room they’ll proudly call their own. 

Berry Red

Reds are often associated with passion, excitement and lots of energy. If you have a child that is a little on the playful side, tone the room down with neutral-coloured furniture and bedding. The richness of wood is also a good choice for furniture, as well as rugs in softer tones of beige or brown.

Light Yellow

Add brightness to a child’s room with yellow. Yellow is believed to be a vibrant colour and brings on images of sunshine and happiness. However, yellow can also be energizing and sometimes a little too much. So choose carefully when it comes to using yellow in children’s rooms. It’sChoosing a soft, light yellow rather than a bold, bright one is much better. 

The softness of light yellow would go well with a forest mural or a nautical theme. Some bright bedding in beach scenes would look great with bright-coloured bookshelves and ocean-blue curtains.

Off White

little playing in her off-white painted bedroom

Off-white is perfect as a backdrop for many other colours and themes. This is very much a unisex colour that will not age or become too childish as your youngster grows. When the walls are off-white, you can add pops of colour to suit any theme that currently holds your child’s imagination, such as sailing, their favourite sport or their favourite story characters. You can also add bedside tables or a set with a table and a few small chairs in a soft colour.

Bright Orange

We all love fall colours, and bright orange is a definite favourite. Bright orange is a happy colour and is quite eye-catching. If you don’t want too much orange in the room, choose a feature wall for this colour and do the other walls in lighter shades of orange. You can also add pale orange bedding but don’t overdo the orange. Finally, add a pale green desk or a neutral-coloured rug for a warm and inviting room. 

Deep Turquoise

a baby's bedroom painted blue and white

Just like the calming turquoise of the sea, a room with deep turquoise walls can be pretty calming for a young person. This beautiful colour can also encourage creativity and promote mental clarity. This colour can be matched with many other colours but to retain the calming effects, softer greys and neutral tones look great. For a bold statement, you can also throw in some chocolate-coloured pillows on a bed of beige. 

Sandy Beige

If you want to keep your child’s bedroom walls neutral, sandy beige is the best colour choice. Apart from the fact that you can match this colour with almost any other colour or combination of colours, it also reminds us of sandy beaches. This is an excellent choice for children’s bedrooms because it is a gender-neutral colour that you can pair with many different colours as well as vibrant patterns and textures. Blues, oranges and browns look fabulous with sandy beige, as do a variety of purples and pinks. You can even include a combination of yellows, greens and other colours. Choose a simple bedframe with a bright-coloured duvet, add pillows and cushions in bold colours and decorate the walls with pictures and posters displaying your child’s interest. Sandy beige is the best colour choice if it’s time to paint a child’s bedroom, but you’re not too sure which colour to choose. 

Pale Green

a child in a lime green painted bedroom

For a gender-neutral colour, pale green is a great choice. It is a colour that represents peace and tranquillity, making it an ideal shade for a bedroom retreat. Pale green is also perfect for small rooms and lofts as it reflects light and can make a room look bigger. You can match this shade of green with a variety of colours, such as navy blue or purple for a duvet cover and softer shades of blues and greys for rugs, curtains and bedside tables. 

Sky Blue

Blue is often a favourite colour for many people, particularly among men. This also makes the softer tones of sky blue a favourite for boys’ bedroom paint ideas. Blues are very calming, and sky blue is reminiscent of a clear blue sky on a sunny day. The softer tones of sky blue are also perfect as a background colour, so you can let your or your child’s imagination run wild! For example, you can add pictures of their favourite storybook characters or vivid scenes of magical forests. Then, add rustic wooden chests of drawers and a blue-grey patterned rug for the perfect sanctuary for your little one. 

Soft Pink

Soft pink is also very versatile as a traditional colour for girls’ bedroom paint ideas. Pale pink is playful, feminine and sweet. Best of all, soft pink can be paired with various bold colours, textures and patterns to act as a contrast. For example, consider a bold cobalt blue headboard with a mint green duvet on the bed. Add a darker shade of pink or purple rug and you have a room that any young girl will love. 

Chalkboard Wall

Inspire creativity in your child by giving them an entire chalkboard wall. A chalkboard wall is easy to achieve with a special paint that has been formulated to leave a matte finish on the wall that resembles a good chalkboard. Best of all, once the paint dries, your little ones can let their imaginations run wild on their own special wall. Give them a box of chalk and let them add their own personal touch to their bedroom.

You can have too much of a good thing with a chalkboard, so keep this paint idea confined to one wall only. Add some contrast by painting the remaining walls in off-white or another soft colour such as pink, blue, grey, beige or green and perhaps a charcoal-coloured floor. You can also include some colour with a nice comfy angel chair in your child’s favourite colour and a few bright-coloured cushions for extra comfort. 

Unique Children’s Bedroom Paint Ideas

a unique children's bedroom paint ideas example with a space theme

If you want to step away from the everyday ideas for decorating and painting a child’s bedroom, we’ve found some interesting ideas that can add something truly unique. You can work these ideas on their own or in combination with your child’s favourite colours and themes.

Colour Blocking 

This concept needs a little extra skill and patience. It involves using painter’s tape to create solid shapes on the wall. You can have one block of colour or create several different ones and paint each block a different colour or choose one colour and paint each block in a different shade of that colour. 

Painting Patterns 

For patterns on walls, you can either get a special roll-on brush that will leave a pattern on the wall or, if you have a steady hand and lots of patience, you can paint a pattern on the walls yourself. Similarly, you can paint a base colour on your walls, then apply masking tapes in different shapes and patterns on the wall before painting over the base colour and tape in a contrasting colour. When you peel the tape off, you have a great patterned wall. 

Don’t Disregard Black 

Apart from painting a chalkboard on a wall in your child’s room, adding black can be pretty interesting. A single black wall against contrasting colours on the other walls can be quite dramatic, and when you add the right light fixtures to a black wall, you can create something truly unique. If black walls don’t work for you, try a black-painted ceiling. This can be really magical for a kids’ room as you can add fairy lights or stick-on glow-in-the-dark stars for a whimsical night sky that will be loved by young or old. 

Feature Walls

Apart from choosing beautiful children’s bedroom paint ideas, a feature wall can add more depth to the room. You can paint a feature wall in metallic or textured paint for a contrasting effect, or you can even paint a mural on the feature wall depicting a forest, outer space or any theme your child likes. 

Choosing The Best Children’s Bedroom Paint Ideas

A child’s bedroom should be a place that they can call their own. So, involve your little ones in the process of choosing the best children’s bedroom paint ideas and creating their own special place in the home. There are many different ideas you can utilize, but do be careful. Once you paint your child’s room and turn it into something spectacular, you may be jealous and want your bedroom to be the next DIY project. 



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