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Advice Furniture Maintenance

Looking after your furniture can really prolong its life and with the right amount of TLC, you can ensure you get the very best out of your home furnishings for many years to come. From protecting your furniture from everyday wear and tear to great ideas on how to clean tricky surfaces and fabrics, our furniture maintenance section aims to help keep your home looking good.


Looking for ways to make your own chair leg floor protectors or want ideas on how to safely clean your favourite faux leather tub chair? Then read on…we have the answers to these and many more furniture maintenance dilemmas.

how to remove wax from furniture
coats hanging on storage idea
upholstered sofa tested with the martindale test
flammable warning for class 0 fire rating materials
a clean fabric chair
how to clean your furniture without any chemicals
how to clean your furniture without any chemicals
two faux leather black tubchairs
how to protect chair feet
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