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Brighten Up Your Office Reception Area


A tub chair for your reception area, what a great idea! Brighten up your reception area with one of our specially manufactured tub chairs available in a variety of designs and colours!

High-Quality Materials

Our in house design team sources all of the fabric used in our tub chairs. We are constantly working to bring a large selection of patterns or plain fabrics. If you are a company then our fabric is coated to commercial specifications to comply with British law.

Our hard wearing faux leather is ideal as a wipe down will bring it back to mint condition.

For a really luxurious feel our leather tub chairs add a touch of class to your waiting area. Allow your visitors to relax easily in the bucket seat with a supportive back and arms designed for maximum comfort.

Both the faux leather and leather tub chairs are a practical solution for a reception area where customers may be arriving and sitting in their wet outdoor clothes.

Suited to Any Environment

If you are a slick modern company choose our contemporary fabrics which will appeal to all your clients. You’ll give them a great and lasting impression of your business. Two or three reception tub chairs in matching or contrasting designs set around a coffee table is a really good way of greeting your visitors.

You may work in a more traditional business, eg a solicitors, doctors, estate agents etc. where you need to give your clients reassurance. If this is the case, our more conservative fabrics would work for you. It is all about making the right initial impression for your visitors!

Working from home is a lovely concept but sometimes you may find you are lacking the space a normal office will give you. A tub chair is neat and unobtrusive and a bonus for a cramped working area.

If you are just setting up a business then our tub chairs are affordable, trendy and comfortable. They are light and can be moved to suit any social or business gathering. Again the first impression a customer will have about your company is of your reception area and one that is furnished elegantly and with thought will leave a lasting effect.

Add even More to Your Space

You may be thinking of redecorating your tired looking reception area or hallway. Replace those old, hardback and uncomfortable chairs with a selection of our tub chairs to give that area a lift. It’s a sensible and inexpensive solution.

Hotel owners wishing to furnish their large communal area with tub chairs arranged around tables can do it easily. They can be be in front of a console table where a cleverly placed table light gives a warm and welcoming impression. Guests can wait in comfort reading a newspaper or having a drink of coffee or something stronger! Nothing is more pleasing to your guests after a day sightseeing, shopping or visiting an art gallery than to be able to relax in your reception area before going to their rooms to prepare for an evening on the town.

Tub chairs are here to stay as a practical, comfortable and contemporary solution to your seating requirements in any office or home environment.

Anna Sharples

Office and marketing manager for Sloane & Sons Stylish Chairs, who sell a range of high-quality tub chairs, accent chairs and more.