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Seven simple ways to make your bedroom look more expensive


Accent chairs and winged back chairs are the perfect answer to how to make your room look nice.  There shouldn’t be any need to go further, but we realise you will want some more details than this.  How to make your bedroom look nice is a careful balance between relaxation and a desire to impress; to startle with the small design details while creating an environment that encourages sleep.

Each of the suggestions will be simple upgrades that can add some luxury to your bedroom.

Overfill your pillows

There is something delicious about an overfilled cushion.  The throw pillows look plush and luxurious and can take the everyday feel to something more sumptuous.  If you ever wondered why you loved sleeping in a hotel so much, it is because they realised a long time ago that we love to sink into the comfiest of cushions and pillows.  It turns your everyday experience into a genuine retreat from the world.

Light fixtures are an essential

Those domed lights that have adorn bedrooms need to go now.  They may have been a simple touch in a minimal room, but now we need to make more of a statement.  The simple light needs to be replaced by a luxurious, feature, hanging light.  You could maybe even splash out on a stunning chandelier – as this will not only add a bit of drama but a vital touch of romance.

New nightstand needed

We all collect furniture as we go along, and you likely have nightstands that you inherited or from a previous decade.  Oversized nightstands to go with large headboards are a great new design feature – and the good news is that you gain a lot of storage.  This storage will help you hide some of the detritus that we tend to pour onto the nightstand.  You are likely to have chargers, half-full cups, almost-finished novels and more.  If you want your bedroom to zing with luxury and comfort.

Clear the floor

The emptiness of your floor may be more a cleanliness issue – and an age-old argument between a couple – but it is essential to the luxury design of a room.  The clutter of socks scattered here and there is strangely not conducive to the look of luxury you were hoping for.  Before you show this to your other half, massive stacks of books and a boot load of cords don’t look good either.  Find a way of using storage that keeps the floor as empty as possible.  If you have space, maybe one of the smaller bedrooms could be a dressing room, so you leave your bedroom for that sense of luxury.  It will lead to the bedroom being something special.

Upgrade your furniture

Despite being the room we spend more than a third of our life, the bedroom often gets pushed to the back of the queue.  You may spend a lot of time and money in your living room and your kitchen areas, but your bedroom gets ignored.  Visitors are hardly likely to see your bedroom, and if they do, they likely know you well anyway.

With this in mind, a simple way to upgrade your bedroom is to mix up your bedroom hardware.  You do not need the default of a nightstand and a dresser.  You could quickly look to personalise your look with crystals, gemstones, copper and more.  You could even take an old piece like a travel case or a wedding box and transform this into a stunning, bespoke vanity mirror for your room.  You deserve some delight in your room that is personal to you.

Add greenery

The resurgence of the palm leaves has marked 2019 as a sign of luxury and an oasis.  You can bring this to your bedroom and make it feel like you are a holiday every day of the year.  Imagine feeling like you are waking up in Barbados every day – and you don’t have to open the curtains to see the rain.

Adding greenery is a cheaper way to upgrade your room.  You can take a place that looks average and make this look more expensive looking.  It could be a fern or a small potted plant on the dresser.  The good news is that the plants in your bedroom help you sleep better.  Greenery helps to improve the quality of the air in the room and remove allergens that could keep you awake.

Edward Sloane

Edward is the managing director of Sloane & Sons Stylish Chairs. He is an expert in quality, comfortable upholstered chairs.


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