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Colour Scheme Options for Bedrooms


Colour is so important when decorating the bedroom. You want to create a serene and relaxing area that will help you to get that important shut-eye. You don’t want the colour of the room to affect your chance to have a good night’s sleep. And you want to ensure the bedroom has a cosy feel so you can relax without feeling stressed out. Of course, you don’t want your bedroom to be forgettable. Therefore, here are some colour scheme options for bedrooms that will create a cosy look yet will bring your bedroom high into the fashion stakes.

Go grey with colourful accessories

Grey is one of the most popular colours for bedrooms. The comforting colour is a modern and traditional colour. And it’s the perfect fit for creating a relaxing atmosphere in the sleeping quarters. Whether you go for a light grey or a darker grey, the colour will work well when it comes to finding beautiful furniture. You can add both greys of this colour palette to create a sophisticated look. For instance, a dark grey headboard alongside light grey bedside cabinets will ensure your bedroom is bang on trend. And you can get a chair such as a grey tub chair which will also add some charm to the bedroom. It can give the room a touch of traditional yet modern glam that the room needs. While going all grey is bang on trend, it’s always a good idea to add a pop of colour. Brightly coloured accessories and bed covers will help to bring the room to life. And you can swap them out as necessary to introduce new colours into the room.

Opt for duck egg for your bedroom

Blues and greens are an ideal choice for your bedroom decor. They both have calming tendencies and are popular choices when choosing colour schemes for bedrooms. But if you want to take a step away from traditional, why not go for a colour option that is in-between them both with duck egg. This beautiful colour still boasts calming qualities but it’s really pretty too. Whether you are opting for a contemporary or retro look, duck egg will fit into both schemes. And it looks beautiful when you contrast it with other colours. You can find many pretty wallpapers in the duck egg colour, as well as throws and pillows. Also, duck egg tub chairs are a great way to add the colour in the room. You can contrast it well with colours like yellow and white to create a beautiful look in your bedroom.

Go for metallics

You can add a real shine to your bedroom if you opt for a metallic colour scheme. With a Great Gatsby style, metallics will help you to add some Hollywood glam to your bedroom. And it will give you a luxurious feel that you might only encounter in a hotel room. Opt for gold and silver colours that will brighten up your bedroom while helping you to create that luxe feel. You can either do this via the wallpaper or by getting mirrors and artwork which use the colours. You can also add bedding such as metallic coloured throws which will help you to keep on trend. And cushions in gold and silver will also help to deliver a cosy yet glam feel in the bedroom quarters, As Ideal Home reveals, don’t be afraid to add bright pops of red and pink to help lift the scheme and give some further personality to the bold room. Therefore, find accents in these bright colours which will help you to add a touch of girly fun to your bedroom.

Time to go for feminine pastels

You want your bedroom to have that feminine touch which is soft and sweet. After all, it’s a room where you want to feel content and cosy when night draws in. One colour scheme you could go for is pastels. Adding these soft colours to your bedroom quarters will help to get a calm and relaxing atmosphere you are looking for. And they are great colours to work with as they contrast well with brighter options. Whether you go for a pale pink or lavender, it will help to give a bold look in the bedroom. As it says on House Beautiful, do still add contrasting textures, shapes and finishes. That way, even though you have gone for pastel colours, you can still add personality to your bedroom. And then it will also be high in the interior design stakes while being a cosy hub for your sleeping.

Edward Sloane

Edward is the managing director of Sloane & Sons Stylish Chairs. He is an expert in quality, comfortable upholstered chairs.


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