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Bathroom Design Tips


Bathroom design needn’t be complicated. We take a look at bathroom design and how simple accessories can help you achieve the look you crave.

De-clutter and get organised

It is one of the busiest areas in the home, somewhere that everyone uses and yet, in most homes, it can be the smallest room.

And this means one thing: issues with storage.

From toothpaste to brushes, electric razors and more, squishing everything into the bathroom that is needed can be like shoe-horning an elephant through a letterbox.

The solution is to get clever with storage and to use as much of the space as possible for things to be hidden away. The less cluttered surfaces are, the more streamlined and spacious the bathroom will look.

Vanity cupboards under sinks, clever storage solutions in drawers and under bath storage work wonders for the smaller bathroom.

Keep colours light, bright and fresh.

Shower or bath or both?

It’s a bathroom design conundrum as old as the hills – opt for just a shower, a shower over bath or separate ones?

The above small bathroom combines both in a truly stylish way with a small tub that would be perfect for kids or a soak and of course, the shower is perfect for the morning washing ritual.

If opting for a shower on its own, go all out for a large shower cubicle, save you banging elbows on the cubicle sides.

Add a chair

For a truly decadent touch that works in all bathrooms, irrespective of how big or grand the design is to add a chair.

There are many functions to a chair. It could be the place you keep dry towels, for example – but other than that, it is also a great place to sit after your bath or shower to get dry.

There is also a penchant for couples to continue enjoying each other’s company whilst one enjoys a soak in the tub and the other lounging in a chair.

As well as a chaise lounge for the bigger space, bathroom tub chairs are also a great accessory for adding detail, interest and colour to a bathroom – as well as more than a hint of practicality.

Update the hardware

Just because a bathroom is functional, doesn’t mean its design has to be boring and bland. And it is the smallest of changes that can make a huge difference.

The current trend is for brass-effect finishing and fittings. But if you are worried that making this change will mean a dated bathroom design sooner rather than later, stick with brushed or polished chrome.

But opt for luxury because frankly, there is no better a twist to add to a bathroom.

This waterfall tap and cute square taps are a hint of luxury that every bathroom could do with.

Something different but affordable too. Take a look at Bath Shop 321 for more ideas.

Beauty in simplicity

For any bathroom to work, simplicity is key and the current trend for minimal bathroom design is ringing our bells.

We love the use of grey and white together, producing a fresh, neutral palette in the bathroom but perfect for a space that has warmth and maturity about it.

Take more than a cursory look around and you will see that the use of plants in the bathroom is also making a comeback.

Plenty of light

The bathroom is a functional space and that means functional lighting.

As well as choosing spotlight and lights around mirrors, you could make a statement with a central hanging light.

Clearly, water and electricity don’t mix. Always choose lighting that is most definitely made for the bathroom to prevent accidents and injuries (or worse).

As well as superbly ornate chandeliers – we have seen them and they look amazing in the bathroom! – modern chandeliers, similar to this starburst design, are perfect for lifting the bathroom from dull to glorious.

Other bathroom design tips

  • Pay attention to the floor – light colours work well to lift a room
  • Mirrors – why settler for one when you could many more?
  • Plants – the on-trend accessory for 2018

What changes would you make to your bathroom? Had you considered adding a bathroom tub chair?


Anna Sharples

Office and marketing manager for Sloane & Sons Stylish Chairs, who sell a range of high-quality tub chairs, accent chairs and more.