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4 Ideas for a Mini Autumn Home Makeover


Do you feel like making a few changes to your décor this autumn? These ideas are perfect for helping you complete a quick autumn inspired makeover. From investing in new wingback chairs to giving your home a splash of paint, you can give your home a whole new look.

There is a definite chill in the air and that means retreating indoors. Before the gloom of winter sets in, add colour and cosiness with these five mini makeover ideas – and even better, they come with a small price tag, so you can do them all!


Make more permanent changes – such as swapping out your chairs

Sometimes, there is nothing for it but to make the mini-makeover something that hangs around longer than the few months of winter.

New furniture is a great move at this time of year because this is the season you will spend lounging on sofas and wingback chairs indoors. When summer hits, you’ll be lounging on your outdoor sofa.

And so why not invest in some wingback chairs, position them next to the fire and enjoy the cushions and the rug that you have also just invested in?

BUDGET: a snip at £249 (and certainly very long lasting!).


Cushion conundrum

Adding warmth is done by suggesting to the sense what a cosy place it is. This means different textures to touch as well as experiencing the different colours and textures visually.

Frankly, if you do nothing else this autumn, layer up on cushions. We’ve taken a look at the current autumn cushions trends for 2018 and we are pleased to report there is plenty of variety…

  • Tassels – as well as amusing your cat, tassels are a tactile feature that will also attract humans. From feathery tassels to pom-pom tasselling, look out for cushions with a frilled edge to them.
  • Shapes – don’t just opt for square cushions. Smaller rectangle cushions are great to fill the gap behind your lower back, as well as plugging gaps when you curl up on the sofa. We’ve seen a few round cushions too, great for adding a note of interest here and there.
  • Size – from fairly large cushions to smaller ones, using different sizes as well as shapes also allows a cosier display to the sofa and armchairs.

BUDGET: you can spend anything from £10 to £20 or much, much more on cushions.


Golden colours

The thing about autumn that we love are the colours. No matter where you live, watching the green leaves turn to golden shades of orange and yellow or crimson red is a delight. And is there anything better than walking along a pavement to have swirls of golden leaves at your feet?

Chillier it may be but by adding these colours to your home, you add a sense of warmth that is truly appealing.

  • Accessories – if you are unsure about adding colour to walls, consider giving your rooms an extra autumn zing with mustard yellow throws and hints of crimson red cushions. But take care with your colour choice. It needs to have the earthier, golden tones of the colour – stay away from anything too pink or sunshine yellow.
  • Feature wall – if you are brave enough, invest in a pot of paint and create a feature wall in the bedroom, the living room, the hallway… anywhere in fact. The thing we like about giving one wall a quick makeover is that come the spring when everything is becoming lighter, a quick coat of white paint followed by a pastel colour completely alters the space. Again, take care with the shade, opting for an earthier tone to the colour.

BUDGET: a tin of paint cost £15 to £20, with a basic roller being a few pounds as is a paintbrush and tray kit.


Cosiness under your feet

This idea has a moveable price point because it comes down to what you want to pay. But as well as rolling yourself up in a fluffy throw with cushions all around you, you need to keep your feet cosy and warm too.

And so off you go, shopping for a rug. There are all kinds of rugs from the deep fluffy ones that work great by the side of the bed to the large expanse of rug for the living room.

Here are our hints for making a rug work;

  • Size is important thus a rug that is too big works better than one that is too small. We suggest accurately measuring the space where you are going to use the rug.
  • Material is important too with synthetic rugs being at the cheaper end of the price range. However, investing in a wool rug will never let you down.
  • The weave of the rug is something you should consider. For example, a flat weave rug (non-fluffy) works better in high traffic area than the fluffy rug that will suck in dirt quickly.

BUDGET: £50 upwards, although a decent rug will be around the £120 to £150 mark.

Anna Sharples

Office and marketing manager for Sloane & Sons Stylish Chairs, who sell a range of high-quality tub chairs, accent chairs and more.