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The Ultimate Autumn Cleaning Checklist


Never mind spring cleaning! Autumn cleaning is important too. Our checklist is the perfect guide for making sure all the essential autumn cleaning tasks don’t get forgotten.

Hallowe’en, bonfire, fireworks, looking forward to the festive season… autumn is the favourite season for many of us. But cosy nights under blankets with a hot chocolate in hand will be far more pleasant when you know that your home and ship-shape for the chilly months ahead. We show you how…




Let’s start with the smallest but busiest room in the house – the bathroom;

  • Clean the grout – you don’t need expensive chemical grout cleaners because there are many effective green cleaning solutions to use along with a toothbrush to bring grout in the bathroom (and the kitchen) back to its full glory.
  • Steam clean – a generous once over with the steam cleaner on tiles, in the shower, back and basin helps to loosen grime so you can just wipe it away.
  • Towels – before the heat disappears completely, give all your towels in storage a good wash with plenty of fabric conditioner to get them the fluffiest of fluffy.




clean kitchen counter
A really busy space, spending time giving the kitchen and autumn clean sets it up ready for the party season that is Christmas!

  • Under appliances – if you can, pull out appliances, vacuum and mop the floor beneath
  • Dishwasher – you should be running the cleaning cycle every month but with a deep clean, take out all the bits you can, give them a wash and wipe around the door frame and so on. Then put it on the cleaning cycle with an approved dishwasher cleaner.
  • Washing machine – as above, using a high-quality cleaner to make sure your washer is ready for the winter loads.
  • Recycling boxes etc. – give them a clean or hire a local company to give them a thorough disinfecting.
  • The oven – not your favourite job but again, there are local oven cleaning companies that have competitive rates for delivering a top job.




The place we retreat to at the end of a busy day and again, a clean boudoir with cosy bedding makes all the difference to a great night’s sleep.

  • Bedlinen – get your cosy winter duvet sets and sheets out of the blanket chest, wash to fresh and dry thoroughly. Add layers to your bed too, to keep the nighttime chills away. Flip the mattress after vacuuming.
  • The wardrobe – switch your clothes around so your lighter summer stuff is put away until spring. Do the same with your shoes and flip-flops.



Living room

Again, busy rooms, they will appreciate a deep clean before the depths of winter arrive.

    • Vacuum your furniture – dirt and detritus are the worst for wearing holes and snaps in leather and upholstered furniture like the modern bucket chair. Using the upholstery fitting on the vacuum nozzle, vacuum your furniture paying close attention to the crevices at the back of the sofa or armchair, down the sides and so on. Vacuum scatter cushions too or wash the covers when you next have a fine autumn day.
    • Wash or dry clean cushions covers – from the sofa, armchair or bucket chair, if there are stains and marks, wash or have them dry cleaned so they not only look great but smell great too.


  • Artificial plants – incredibly life-like, artificial plants are great for bringing a pop of colour to the living room. But they trap dust, so give them a wash under running water.
  • Specialist screen wipes – are essential when it comes to wiping down the TV and other electronics, but well worth the investment.
  • Anti-bac wipes – if you keep one thing handy, it should be anti-bac wipes for keeping the keyboard of the family PC germ-free!



Across the home

  • Clean the windows inside and out, if you can
  • Wash down walls, especially in humid rooms such as the bathroom, laundry or utility
  • Dust up high i.e. tops of door frames, window frames and so on
  • Wash or have your curtains dry cleaned
  • Wash your vacuum filters but make sure they are completely dry before putting back in your vacuum
  • Spot clean rugs and carpets



Get in the experts for…

  • Sweeping the chimney – essential for making sure you don’t have soot falling down into the room below or, worst still, a chimney fire. Use a reputable chimney sweep.
  • Heating system – not so much a clean but a maintenance task that means you won’t be shivering this winter!

What autumn cleaning tip do you have?

Anna Sharples

Office and marketing manager for Sloane & Sons Stylish Chairs, who sell a range of high-quality tub chairs, accent chairs and more.