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Attic Bedroom Design Ideas


Although the default use for an attic is simply for storage, over the last few decades the trusty loft has lent itself to additional bedroom and/or playroom space for many growing families.

Attic bedrooms come in a huge array of shapes, sizes and designs. Which means decorating them can require more than a little planning. How much natural light is available, what colours to choose and how much space there is for storage are all important things to consider in making the very best of what’s there.

By adding clever storage, beautiful soft furnishings, elegant lighting and perhaps a window seat, you can easily create a very cosy space. This will boost the value of your property too.

Light, bright slanted ceilings

By the very nature of the fact you’re working in the attic, the ceiling is inevitably going to be slanted. Unfortunately this can serve to make the area feel pokey but the good news is that by painting your slanted ceiling white you’ll add a satisfying feeling of space. You’ll also let in plenty of natural light plus you can paint any exposed beams a beautiful contrasting colour like black for extra effect.

Add somewhere to sit

Attic bedrooms are often multi-functional and can be treated as a secondary living space. With the addition of things like a reading area, a computer, a coffee table and a bookcase, your new attic room can become a place you’ll spend lots of happy hours in.

A cosy window seat is a great use of space. This will offer a light, bright chill out area in the room to read and relax. It makes for a great focal point too.

Depending on design, a bench is ideal whether it be freestanding near the window, or built in underneath it.

Stock up on storage

Storage is vital for keeping your attic room tidy and clutter-free. If space is at a premium, it’s well worth considering built-in bookshelves or units with drawers. They can be tall and thin and go right up to the ceiling or they could even cover an entire wall. You can even disguise your storage space by building it flush against the walls and paint it the same light colours. The trick is to make sure there’s enough storage for your needs, without overloading your attic bedroom with furniture.

Choose the perfect lighting

For something elegant and stylish, chandeliers are fantastic if your ceiling is high vaulted. They keep floors and walls clear of lamps and make for a beautiful, eye-catching feature.

But if chandeliers are not quite your thing, there are still plenty of opportunities to get creative with different lighting options depending on your budget and taste.

If ceiling lights are proving tricky, then tall floor-standing lamps come in a huge range of colours and designs. Many also have a handy dimmer switch for setting the perfect mood lighting too.

Play around with textures

Florals, plaids and stripes can sometimes be a little overwhelming in a small attic bedroom. But they’re great for adding in small doses. For example, a beautiful tartan wingback chair or oversize cushions in bold patterns can add some fun and colour right where you need it.

Don’t forget that texture isn’t just about fabrics though. You can also add depth to your attic bedroom by using textured paint, exposing the chimney or keeping the beams natural for a warm, rustic appeal.

Decide on the perfect colour paint

Accentuating the natural light that floods into your room is really important when it comes to décor. In terms of colour, it’s worth going for something very light to maintain a feel of airiness and space – whites, yellows and light pastel colours are ideal. Dark colours can then be used as accent colours to create bold, crisp lines without being too overpowering.

Don’t forget the windows

Continuing on with the theme of natural light, it’s well worth adding the biggest windows you possibly can to your attic bedroom. Not only can sunlight flood in, but as you’re looking out from the very top of the house you may be lucky enough to enjoy some great views. If budget and space allow, floor to ceiling windows are ideal.

If privacy needs to addressed, then slanted windows may be a good option. They incorporate the roofline instead of the house wall structure and again let in plenty of natural sunlight and heat.

Feeling inspired?

However you choose to design and furnish your attic bedroom, the four key things to remember are space, light, comfort and functionality. Stick to these and you’ll have the chill out zone of your dreams in no time.

Edward Sloane

Edward is the managing director of Sloane & Sons Stylish Chairs. He is an expert in quality, comfortable upholstered chairs.


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