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Airbnb Interior Design Tips


Do you want an Airbnb that people want to come back to? Follow these fresh, stylish, practical interior design tips that your customers will love.

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is a simple concept – rent out a spare room or your entire home to travellers and tourists. It is a company with a growing fan base and although there have been a few glitches along the way, the majority of travellers enjoy a holiday in a lovely location at a reasonable price too.

Thus, renting out a spare room, annexe or your home whilst you are away could bring huge financial rewards. But if you want people to come back time and again, interior design and style could be key alongside a great price.

Just how do you deck your Airbnb rental out to look stunning?

#1 Exceed expectations within your budgetary limits

Here’s the rub: the more you charge, the higher the expectations of your customers BUT luxury touches exceed average every time.

To sum it up, you need to exceed people’s expectations. But what does this mean when your budget is already wincing at the thought of a re-design?

The main expenditure if furniture but before you start buying designer names and brands, think about the rental price bracket. Interior designers who regularly update rental or holiday properties swear by the rule that you spend wisely on furniture.

Designer items in a lower bracket make no sense BUT, if you are promising luxury, then luxury is what you must deliver.

#2 Personality not personal items

This is a really interesting, and something you may have already fallen foul of.

Renters and holidaymakers are not comfortable with sharing a space that is obviously someone else’s. And so, your knick-knacks scattered about the place could the small factor that is putting people off from returning again.

So, swap the family photos for stunning landscapes. Sculptures and accessories are fine but a drawer full of your bits and bobs is not.

#3 First impressions start at the front door

As well as cleanliness and a great smell, the front door can, quite literally, be responsible for creating a fantastic first impression.

But what does this mean?

  • An unusual colour – painting your front door an unusual colour makes your property stand out, a great move if it is hard to find
  • Clean, tidy and stylish entrance – from pretty potted plants on either side of the door to a stylish front door in one of the many latest, modern designs is also a great welcome
  • Lighting – use LED or solar lighting to create a fantastic welcome too

#4 Create a seating area that is comfortable and useable

Airbnb recommends this as being important where Airbnbers are renting rooms in a home.

When this is the case, the bedroom has to work even harder. It is not just a space to sleep but to relax too. There are many ways of creating a fantastic seating area from a chaise lounge to tub chairs, all great ways of adding statement pieces to a room too.

Include plenty of scatter cushions and throws, not just to add layers but so your guests can get as comfortable as they want.

#5 Get stylish with a design scheme that is in keeping with your property

Your price range and location, as well as the accommodation on offer, will define the clientele you are most likely to attract.

Thus, your interior design statement will be the one thing that either attracts them or puts them off. There is no accounting for the taste of others and so creating a design scheme that suits your property is probably the best way to make a start.

An uber-slimline minimalist design is fantastic for people who like little fuss and clutter but might not be what your Airbnb renters would expect in a Georgian mansion.

That said, elements of quirkiness and surprises are not off the menu completely, something that we cover in our ultimate guide to interior design styles.

Choose a style base that suits your property and then build the detail on top.

#6 The bathroom is key to Airbnb success

If there is one room that every Airbnb rental property needs to update and make into a modern, luxurious place it is the bathroom.

Learn from hotels – good quality white bathroom furniture, that is a bath, shower base, toilet and basins – use white, fluffy towels conveniently rolled and stored in the bathroom.

Have essential items within reach and don’t have personal items stored in the bathroom or on display. If you are supplying toiletries, cluster them together in a basket that leaves surfaces predominantly clutter-free.

What do you look for when you rent a room? What stylish additions do you think work or don’t work?

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Anna Sharples

Office and marketing manager for Sloane & Sons Stylish Chairs, who sell a range of high-quality tub chairs, accent chairs and more.