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A Quick Guide to Essential Furniture for Your New Home


Moving out for the first time is tricky because you never really know what you might need. This blog discusses the essential furniture items that no home is complete without.

Moving into your own place is a mixture of excitement and feeling daunted, all at the same time. Whether you are renting or buying, moving into student digs or setting up home with a friend or a significant other, deciding on the right mix of furniture is an almost impossible task.

We take a room-by-room approach to help you make the right decision for you.


The living room

The lounge or living area of the home is the space where you kick back and relax. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish with all the components that spell relaxation to you.

The living room is about comfort but you also need to bear in mind that when you have guests calling round, this is the room where you will welcome them into.

And that means clever living room storage solutions such as;

  • Coffee table with storage – from repurposing an old blanket box to investing in a chic coffee table with drawers and other storage options, the coffee table makes a great place to hide the clutter when folks call round.
  • Display unit – like the sideboard in the dining room, a display unit is perfect for living room for displaying family photos and other accessories. There are many options out there from open shelving to cupboard space and a combination thereof.

The other big hitter in the living room are the seating options. For most of us, that means shoe-horning the sofa into the living, as well as armchairs.

Seating should be the focus in this room, just as the dining room is the central player in the dining room. consider shape, as well as colour and comfort rating. The addition of a timeless wing back chair spells elegance, just as it offers the comfort that we seek when the close the door against the world and the weather.


The kitchen

The heart of any home, the kitchen is a place where you will spend significant amount of time. If you are a cook or a baker, you will spend a lot more time in here so getting it right is essential.

Most home come with fitted kitchens and so in terms of furniture, you will have cabinets and wall units ready for use. But we’d like to suggest some additions;

  • Bar stool are great for guests to perch on whilst you create tempting treats. They are also great for you too, to enjoy breakfast on the go or keep an eye on a bubbling pan.
  • Other kitchen essentials would include a coffee machine for drinks on the go, as well as a kettle and a small hand blender at least.


The dining room

Whether you have a combined kitchen diner or a separate dining room, this is a space where you can breakout from the lounge and enjoy dining with friends, or just relaxing after a hard day at the office.

The dining room landscape is one you can have fun with. And what we lover about moving into a new pad is that you don’t have to opt for everything brand new or flat pack furniture.

The growing awareness of how we throw things away ahs led to more recycling, upcycling and repurposing furniture items and so the pieces offered by your Nan may be the retro hit your interior style needs.

From the extending table with flaps to the round dining table with an industrial look to it, make the dining table the star of the show in the dining room. Keep your eyes peeled from wither wooden dining chairs or go super elegant with upholstered dining chairs.

A chic sideboard that was once considered old-fashioned is now well and truly back in vogue in the dining room. the reason why is simple – the storage solutions it offers is perfection.

From a sideboard with cupboard and drawer space to the larger, towering dresser, there are many different variations of display units that work in the dining room. We consider a sideboard or dresser a must-have addition if the storage space in the kitchen is somewhat limited.


Your new home

We can’t emphasise enough that this is YOUR home and so the choices of furniture is entirely YOURS. And that is one of the most exciting (and daunting!) things about owning or renting your own place.

Office and marketing manager for Sloane & Sons Stylish Chairs, who sell a range of high-quality tub chairs, accent chairs and more.

Anna Sharples

Office and marketing manager for Sloane & Sons Stylish Chairs, who sell a range of high-quality tub chairs, accent chairs and more.