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6 Productivity-Enhancing Additions for an Office on the Annual ‘Improve Your Office Day’



How wingback chairs and cable ties could be the perfect tools for enhancing productivity in the workplace.

The annual ‘Improve Your Office Day’ is held on 4th October, with the principle being to make small changes that improve your work environment and by default, productivity. This applies to both commercial office space and for those who work at home.

But are there really changes you can make that will boost your productivity in the workplace? Read ahead.

#1 Ergonomic Work Stations

Ergonomics is the study of people’s efficiency in the workplace, and it is a known fact that the right office furniture is essential for the promotion of good posture.

A desk that is too low or an office chair that doesn’t support the back means that workers are uncomfortable. This is not just true in the office, of course, but across an entire working environment. If people are having to stretch and reach beyond their physical comfort, their work quality will suffer.

Therefore, if you do nothing else this ‘Improve Your Office Day’, take a look at your workstation and consider whether it is hampering you or aiding you in your working day. If it isn’t up to standard, decide what you can change within your budget.

Optimise your workspace by finding out what small changes could have a big impact on your physical comfort.

#2 Give your office space a boost of character

Your workstation should be partway between a home and an office, and yet it needs to retain functionality and efficiency.

Therefore, adding character to your office should be done in a way that enhances the comfort and appeal of the space, retaining its welcome feel without turning it into a cluttered, messy space.

  • Inspirational artwork – There is a whole range of inspirational sayings that can help you focus on your work, while adding personality to the space.
  • Personal photos – There is no reason why you can’t have personal photos in your space, ideal for when you need reminding ‘why you do this’ on a daily basis.
  • Corkboard – Many people introduce a small cork board to their work area and keep photos and other items pinned to it. It gives your space character but also keeps things ordered and away from your work station.
  • The possibilities are endless!

What personal items would you add to your workspace to make it more your ‘own’ space?

#3 De-clutter and Get Organised

Seriously, when was the last time you de-cluttered and re-organised your workspace? Last week? Lat year? Never?

There is a saying amongst business owners that they need to spend as much time working ON their business as they do working IN their business. The underlying principle is simple – to make a success of something, you need to spend time organising in the background.

Your desk or workstation is your own foundation for success, and if it is full of clutter and things you no longer need it is stifling your creativity. From overflowing desk drawers to a pile of paperwork that needs filing or shredding, there is potentially a lot of clearing out and organising to be done in and around your workstation.

Now is the time to declutter, organise, store items, shred old papers, recycle things and generally get a handle on your immediate working environment. Just imagine how satisfying it will be to lay your hands on something immediately because you know where it is rather than spending hours looking for it!

Consider the storage needs of your office, as well as accessibility to stored items as you de-clutter and organise your space.

#4 Sort your Cables

You may not think those trailing cables are in any way stifling your output and creativity, but there is something about cables from PCs and other office gadgets that cause a landscape to feel and look cluttered. Trailing cables present a trip hazard as well as a dust trap, and so by streamlining cables (you will be amazed by the number of cables you find that don’t connect to anything) and using cable ties to bunch and tie them together, a more open feeling will be created.

If you have one, get the IT department involved and get rid of obsolete gadgets and equipment too. Your office is not a storage facility for the IT department!

#5 Get the Right Tools

Do you spend your working day at the PC? If so, would a touchscreen monitor help your productivity? Or if you spend many hours typing, would a touch-type keyboard or a super-ergonomic shaped keyboard help you in your daily work?

We tend to stick with components and equipment because we think we have to, but in all honesty, just making a small change (like a touch-type keyboard) will see your productivity and word count shoot through the roof!

Identify which tools you need to do your job and to do it better – can you make these small changes?

#6 Informal Spaces

For too long we have been trained and accustomed to thinking that the only place real work can happen is at a defined and formal workstation. This is something that happens at school – learning takes place behind the desk – and it is carried into the work environment.

Increasingly, modern companies are allowing their employees more freedom to work where and how it suits them – and they are reaping the rewards in higher productivity levels as a result.

Wingback chairs, bean bags and sofas all make for comfortable informal meeting spaces or spaces where people can collaborate or get away from their desks. Creating breakout spaces stops employees working in isolation – and when people talk, whether they are lounging on a wingback chair or not, they are collaborating and for your business. That can only be a good thing!

Anna Sharples

Office and marketing manager for Sloane & Sons Stylish Chairs, who sell a range of high-quality tub chairs, accent chairs and more.