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5 Rooms in Your Home Ideal for a Tub Chair



Comfortable chairs aren’t just for the living room. When dotted around your home, the tub chair is an ideal addition to almost any space. But where can you use a tub chair for maximum effect?

#1 The Lounge

The main socialising and living areas of your home need plenty of seating for you and your family, as well as for your guests.

All seating needs to be comfortable, but it also needs to be stylish. This makes the tub chair – why stop at one? – a solid choice for your living room.

They work well in open plan living spaces for many reasons. Tub chairs can be grouped together, making a ‘framed’ or zoned area within a larger space. If you enjoy card games with your friends, or you regularly gather to catch-up, why not create the perfect conversational area? A tub chair, a rug and a nest of side tables can create a cosy, comfortable and accessible space.

#2 The Master Bedroom

A place of calm and tranquility, the master bedroom is the place where you can relax, leaving you feeling refreshed to face another day.

This is hard when there is clutter and chaos to the eye. From clothes on the floor to things just not being in the ‘right’ place, there are all kinds of things that can clash in the bedroom.

The smallest of additions can make a big difference, and there is no denying that a chair or two in the master bedroom can be a practical and functional addition. From draping your bathrobe over it to having somewhere to sit to remove shoes or clothes, a chair in the bedroom is ideal.

That said, you don’t always want a large chair, or maybe you feel like the traditional ‘bedroom chair’ is too low. Thus, the obvious solution is the introduction of a tub chair or two. As they are short-backed, they don’t impinge on the space or make it feel overly full. Their padded curves give them a soft, elegant feel, ideal for the bedroom landscape.

#3 The Reading Nook

Try something a little different in the smaller space or a nook of your home. Reading is a pastime that feeds and expands the imagination, but finding a comfortable space to do so can be trying, especially in a busy household.

Creating bespoke reading nooks in small spaces is a growing trend, from the tiniest of box rooms to the space under the stairs.

The tub chair is a great choice for this purpose. Available in a range of colours and patterns, they are the perfect height for use with a foot stool. Use a deep pile rug for a feeling of luxury, along with soft reading light and side table that will perfectly complement the curves of your new reading chair.

#4 The Dining Room

The dining room is often a busy place. It can also feel stuffed full of furniture with a large dining table and many chairs.

However, there are also times when the dining room is used as an informal living room for socialising after a meal, and when this is the case, you need informal seating to match the space. And guess what? Tub chairs are the ideal addition.

Similar to their use in your living room, you can group two tub chairs together. Complete this grouping with a rug to define the space and a low coffee table to frame the chairs in their allotted space. Use them as occasional chairs to enjoy your morning coffee or for half an hour og relaxation before everyone arrives home from work and school.

Tub chairs are ideal for admiring the vista of the garden, so why not use them to frame the window?

#5 The Guest Room

Your guest room is used occasionally but when it is in use, it is an important room. It should be a comfortable space that has everything your guests need to make their stay at your home a comfortable and pleasant experience.

The tub chair is versatile. It is the perfect addition to the guest bedroom, an affordable piece of furniture that adds style and colour. In fact, we know of customers who buy one or more of the same colour or patterned fabric tub chair in order to use them interchangeably across the home as their décor changes.

In fact, the tub chair works in all bedrooms, including the teenage den and the kids’ rooms.

BONUS: The Conservatory

In the conservatory, we often think of rattan or wicker furniture, but the conservatory is coming of age. More people are opting for a roofed conservatory, and it is a warm and useful space.

Ideally, you want the furnishings to reflect this warmth and comfort. As well as a comfortable sofa, why not add a tub chair or two to the conservatory? Opt for fabric chairs and keep moving them around the conservatory so that they don’t get overly sun bleached while in one place. These kinds of chairs are small and light enough to be manoeuvrable, a convenient feature that attracts many to this iconic chair design.

The tub chair is truly versatile, and although we have listed five rooms (with a bonus of the conservatory added to the list) the tub chair really can be used anywhere in the home. We know of customers who keep their chairs in the hallway or on the landing, perfect for making better use of the space. With so many colours and patterns, it is no wonder that it is one of the best-selling and most favoured of upholstered chairs for the home. Where will you put yours?

Anna Sharples

Office and marketing manager for Sloane & Sons Stylish Chairs, who sell a range of high-quality tub chairs, accent chairs and more.