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12 Clever Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms

small bedroom ideas

In a world of shrinking living spaces and minimalist vibes, conquering the challenge of bedroom storage has become a must for savvy interior design. With limited space and an abundance of essentials, keeping your bedroom clutter-free seems impossible. However, this article will look at 12 clever storage ideas for small bedrooms that will integrate minimalism, efficiency, and style.

Space Saving Bedroom Ideas

When renovating your house and choosing the best clever storage ideas for small bedrooms, several factors should be considered, from storage spaces built into the walls, to constructing little alcoves of seamless storage units and shelving. Even if you are not doing a complete home makeover, there will be numerous options on this list that can be used throughout the home, not just in the bedroom. Be ready to explore our wide range of storage solutions for small bedrooms, which will make decluttering a hassle-free experience.

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1.     Declutter and Streamline

Before looking into clever storage ideas for small bedrooms, start with a thorough decluttering. Assess all the items currently occupying your bedroom and question their actual usage. Chances are, a significant portion of your wardrobe consists of rarely worn clothes, occupying valuable space.

From here, you can choose which items you wish to keep, or if you no longer need them, then you can sell them online such as on Depop[i]. If you are feeling extra generous and want to get rid of them as quick as possible, then your local charity shop will be more than happy to accept them.

2.     Choose Multipurpose Furniture

Multipurpose furniture is our go-to option for any homeowner looking to save storage space in any room, making it for a clever storage idea for small bedrooms.

In a space-constrained environment, innovative storage solutions are imperative. Take a moment to think creatively. A compact desk solution, for example, is essential for working from home. Instead of a full-sized desk, a small side table serves the purpose effectively while occupying minimal space. If you have a small home and have your work desk in your bedroom, then this is a perfect option for you to save space in small bedrooms.

A small bedside table can also provide enough surface area for a laptop, phone, iPad, or other electronic devices. Additionally, bedside tables should have shelving allocated below it, making it perfect for storing work essentials. Best of all, it can be easily shifted aside after “office” hours, ensuring your small home office remains free from a perpetual work atmosphere.

3.     Purchase a divan bed

Another one of our clever storage ideas for small bedrooms is by purchasing a divan bed. This style of bed is designed with clever drawer storage allocated within the base itself and can be opened seamlessly to store bedroom essentials.

What makes divan beds even better is that the base is designed to be the same size as the mattress, which means that you can further optimise the bed for more storage. If you need further ideas on what to store in a divan bed, then think about bedding, seasonal wear, or even towels and robes.

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4.     Storing essentials in a bedside table

Want to keep your belongings close at hand but still want to optimise clever storage ideas in a small bedroom? Choose a bedside table that is perfect for this very job. Having a dedicated space for your bedside items close at hand, including eye masks, pillow spray, phone chargers, and even books will undoubtedly help to keep your small bedroom more organised.

However, remember to keep items to a minimum on the surface of the table to avoid it looking cluttered. Choose items that are more likely to complement each other and are colour coded with your décors, such as a bedside lamp, clock, and small house plant.

5.     Add a clothes rail

Say goodbye to space-consuming wardrobes that make small rooms feel cramped. Instead, embrace the minimalist charm of a stylish clothes rail, a favourite among contemporary interior bloggers, and essential on this list of clever storage ideas for small bedrooms.

These rails are less imposing, allowing easy access to your current capsule wardrobe and shoes. As for next season’s clothes, keep them condensed and tucked away in vacuum packs for concealed storage. When it comes to clothes storage, remember to think vertically as well as horizontally. Opt for double-tier rails that effectively double your wardrobe potential. They can be a clever addition to small walk-in wardrobe designs. Though longer items like dresses and trousers may require folding over hangers, the storage space gained makes it well worth the effort.

6.     Compartmentalise Drawers

Unlock the full potential of clever storage ideas for small bedrooms by employing top-notch drawer organisers and will assist in helping your drawer less cluttered. Even though the contents of your drawers should remain out of sight, constantly digging through cluttered piles to find a specific item can waste valuable storage capacity. Drawer dividers are particularly handy here, offering a practical solution for keeping your makeup, underwear, and socks neatly organised. Say goodbye to rummaging and embrace the efficiency of well-arranged drawers.

7.     Glass Storage Displays

Embrace the elegance of glass storage units as a clever storage idea for small bedrooms, ideal for showcasing cherished items that deserve to be seen. Display your beloved jewellery, treasured books, and sentimental objects, granting them a designated spot in your bedroom.

To create a comfy ambiance, pair glass furniture with gold accents. Enhance the surroundings of your storage unit with gold-framed artwork or an industrial-style lamp, infusing the space with a touch of sophistication. Let the combination of glass and gold elevate the aesthetic appeal of your bedroom storage solutions.

8.     Store Away Out of Season Furniture

When wardrobe space is limited, utilise under-bed storage for out-of-season clothes not currently in use. Prior to purchase, measure the available space beneath your bed—lower beds may require shallow drawers. Go for drawers with lids or covers to prevent dust from accumulating on your belongings. Make the most of under-bed space while keeping your clothes organised and protected.

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9.     Organise Your Jewellery

Create a clever storage solution for your small bedroom for hanging jewellery and decluttering surfaces by installing a corkboard panel between wall shelf brackets. Use smart pins to loop necklaces and simply push earrings into the cork. Maximise storage by placing boxes and baskets on top of the shelves. Enjoy a tidy and organised space with this innovative approach to jewellery storage.

10. Double Up on Desk Storage

Transform your bedroom into a versatile home office or study area with a fold-down desk that combines storage and tabletop space. Add a vibrant touch by finishing the desk’s interior in a contrasting shade, creating a delightful pop of colour when the desk is unfolded. Enjoy the perfect balance of functionality and style with this space-saving solution.

Doubling up on your desk storage is a recommended, clever storage solution for small bedrooms for those who prefer to work in their bedrooms as opposed to other rooms in the home.

11. Storage Behind the Doors

Ensure your favourite accessories are easily within reach by utilising over-the-door hooks to withhold items such as towels, dressing gowns, and other items that can be stored onto bedroom doors. Consider adding a magnifying mirror to the mix for extra convenience.

S-hooks are versatile enough for holding shoes, bags, scarves, and umbrellas, but remember to provide extra support for heavier items. Curate your accessories in a complementary colour palette to achieve an aesthetically pleasing effect that doesn’t appear cluttered and is organised to its fullest potential, making them an effective bedroom storage idea.

12. Organise Workspace

Create a balanced bedroom and workspace by ensuring work doesn’t overpower the room. Choose a versatile desk that can also serve as a dressing table, optimising functionality. Dedicate a portion of your wardrobe space to store work essentials, allowing for a tidy and hidden storage solution once work is completed. Keep your bedroom harmonious by seamlessly integrating your work setup while maintaining a serene atmosphere.

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How to Maximise Bedroom Storage

If you’re embarking on a bedroom redecoration or designing a brand-new space, built-in storage proves to be an exceptional choice. Utilise a long wall for wardrobes or optimise alcoves and recesses in period properties to create a streamlined and functional environment.

On the other hand, if your existing larger furniture pieces are satisfactory and you simply need to organise your bedroom, consider simple storage ideas like decorative wall hooks. For instance, a row of hooks can tidy up your jewellery collection while freeing up space in your cupboards.

When adding clever storage for small bedrooms, you can also use freestanding storage which can work in large and small bedrooms. These can also range from a simple chest of drawers to a matching bedside table and even exposed shelving units. As shown in this article, there are also ways of tidying up your treasured possessions using jewellery stands and hooks. After all, clever bedroom storage does not always need to be bulky and overbearing. Even keeping an ottoman at the end of your bed is a handy alternative if you do not have enough space for a divan bed but still want to be discreet.

How to Make Space in a Bedroom for Clothes

When finding a way to make clever storage space for clothes in your bedroom, no matter whether you are getting ready for work in the morning, or preparing for an evening out, you want to be able to access your clothes as soon as possible, even if you are in a rush. Even by keeping your clothes more organised, will aid in providing more storage space, too.

Modern wardrobes, for example, are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes, offering you more options as opposed to sticking to just a single rail or a chest of drawers, so long as you have the vertical space for them. After all, there is only so much you can do with the space that you have available. Even if you are low on space, it may be worth disposing of clothes that are out of fashion or that you no longer use.

Organising a Bedroom Without a Wardrobe

When you are limited on space in a small bedroom, we believe ottomans to be the best option for maximising storage space, as well as for storing away clothes and other items in a more compact space. If you want more accessibility, you can also opt for a bed with built-in drawers, which is a great way to keep belongings out of sight, and will not take up additional space in the bedroom.

Clothing Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms Made Simple

Clever storage ideas can work wonders in maximising space and maintaining a clutter-free environment. By following the advice and ideas in this article, you are bound to save space in your small bedroom in no time from this vast variety of storage organisers. If you need further guidance on what to prioritise organising first, then start with clothes, because once you throw out what you no longer need, it can be quite an eye-opener just how much space you have available.

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How can I maximise storage space in a small bedroom?

To maximise storage space in a small bedroom, consider using the following strategies:

Use under-bed storage containers or drawers to store items like clothing, shoes, or extra bedding.
Install floating shelves or wall-mounted shelves to utilize vertical space for displaying or storing items.
Use storage ottomans or benches with hidden compartments for storing items and providing seating.
Utilise the space behind your bedroom door by installing hooks or over-the-door organizers for hanging clothing, bags, or accessories.

How can I make use of vertical space in a small bedroom?

To make use of vertical space in a small bedroom, consider the following ideas:

Install floor-to-ceiling shelving units or bookcases to store books, decorative items, or folded clothing.
Use wall-mounted hooks or pegboards to hang items like bags, hats, or jewellery.
Utilise over-door organizers or hanging shoe racks to store shoes or small accessories.
Install a high-mounted clothing rod or a hanging organizer for additional clothing storage.

What are some creative storage solutions for small bedrooms?

Here are a few creative storage solutions for small bedrooms:

Use a bedside caddy or wall-mounted bedside organizer to keep essential items like books, glasses, or remotes within reach.
Install a pegboard or corkboard on the wall to hang and organize jewellery, scarves, or small decorative items.
Utilise the space under your desk by attaching storage bins or organizers to store office supplies or paperwork.
Use a hanging fruit basket or tiered baskets hung from the ceiling to store small items or accessories.
Consider using storage ottomans or trunks that can double as seating or a coffee table while providing storage space.

How can I declutter a small bedroom to create more storage space?

To declutter a small bedroom and create more storage space, consider the following steps:

Sort through your belongings and donate, sell, or discard items you no longer need or use.
Use storage containers or baskets to corral loose items like accessories, electronics, or cosmetics.
Maximise closet space by removing seasonal clothing and storing them in vacuum-sealed bags or under-bed storage containers.
Keep surfaces clear of unnecessary items and use decorative boxes or trays to organize and store small items like jewellery or keys.
Consider implementing a “one in, one out” rule where you remove an item for donation or disposal each time you bring in a new item.


[i] Depop. (n.d.) Homepage. [online] Available at: [accessed 02/10/23]

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