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10 Incredible Cloakroom Ideas For Every Home


When it comes to home design, it’s easy to overlook the cloakroom. However, this small, often underutilised space can be an excellent opportunity to inject style and personality into your home. Whether you’re looking for small cloakroom ideas or luxury cloakroom ideas, there are plenty of creative options to consider. With the right cloakroom decorating ideas, you can transform this space into a stylish, functional room that reflects your style. And you can rest assured that, no matter what you’re looking for, plenty of cloakroom ideas will suit your style. So, let’s dive in and explore some of the best cloakroom design ideas to help you create a stylish yet efficient space.

What Is A Cloakroom?

Before we explore our favourite cloakroom ideas, we must be all on the same page with the definition. When discussing a cloakroom, you might think of a small room where people hang their coats. However, the definition of a cloakroom has blurred over time. 

Originally, a cloakroom was a space for visitors to store their over cloaks, hence their name. But, as over cloaks phased out of style, the Edwardian and Victorian societies restyled a cloakroom into a room with a small toilet and hand basin. Even now, we still refer to these rooms as cloakrooms. However, in some venues, like hotels and conference centres, you will still hear them call a place to store coats and bags a cloakroom. 

10 Cloakroom Ideas For A Stylish Bathroom

Designing the perfect cloakroom may feel more daunting than styling a bathroom, but it doesn’t have to be all that tricky. With a touch of personality and style, you can create an effortless space without too much work – and that includes tiny cloakrooms too! Here are our top ten cloakroom ideas to help inspire you to get stuck in. 

Start With A Cohesive Colour Scheme

A colour scheme is always a good place to start with interior design, but it’s very important when looking for cloakroom design ideas. Putting together a cohesive colour scheme will help define the look and atmosphere you want to create in your cloakroom and influence the decorations you include. Adding bold hues and statement colours are great options, but adding a feature wall with wallpaper works well too.

  • Monochromatic – A monochromatic colour scheme is a simple yet effective way to create a cohesive and calming space. Choose a single colour and use different shades and tones of that colour throughout the room. For example, you could paint the walls a light shade of grey and use darker grey tiles on the floor.
  • Bold and bright – If you want to make a statement with your cloakroom, consider using a bold and bright colour scheme. Choose a bright shade like yellow or turquoise for the walls, and pair it with contrasting accents like black or white. Just be careful not to overwhelm the small space.
  • Neutral with a pop of colour – A neutral colour scheme can be a great choice for a cloakroom, creating a timeless and sophisticated look. Consider adding a pop of colour through accessories like towels or artwork to add some interest to the space.
  • Pastel shades – Soft pastel shades can create a calming and relaxing atmosphere in a cloakroom. Consider using shades of pink, blue, or green for the walls and adding white or light grey accents to keep the space feeling light and airy.
  • Earthy tones – Earthy tones like beige, taupe, and olive can create a warm and inviting atmosphere in a cloakroom. These colours work particularly well with natural materials like wood or stone, so consider incorporating these into the space.
  • Metallics – Metallics like gold, silver, and bronze add a touch of glamour and sophistication to a cloakroom. Consider using metallic wallpaper or tiles and adding metallic accents in accessories like soap dispensers or towel bars.

Go For Dark Colours

If you’re feeling adventurous, you could create a dark and moody colour scheme for your cloakroom. Styling with dark colours, specifically black, in interior design can be daunting, but a considered approach will result in an impactful finish, no matter the size of the room. Moreover, a dark colour palette makes a fantastic canvas for decor pieces, the perfect opportunity to add pops of colour to the darker space. Choose a deep shade like navy or charcoal for the walls, and pair it with metallic accents like gold or silver for a dramatic and luxurious look.

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Brighten Up The Space With Wallpaper

small cloakroom ideas using wallpaper

Wallpaper is usually a no-no in bathrooms due to moisture and condensation issues, but these aren’t a problem in a cloakroom. So, don’t be afraid to experiment with wallpaper in your cloakroom ideas. Small cloakrooms are perfect for bold wallpaper feature walls and are very on-trend too. On the other hand, you can be even more adventurous in larger spaces. Bright, bold patterns, colours and textures are perfect for any sized cloakroom and will bring some adventure to the space. 

However, water can still be a problem in a cloakroom, so it’s best to get splash-proof wallpaper, particularly around the sink. 

Keep It Simple With Tiles

Tiles are common decor in a bathroom, and they work just as wonderfully in downstairs cloakroom ideas. Besides providing a practical solution to water and soap protection, tiles come in various designs so you can be just as stylish and individual in your cloakroom as you are in the rest of your home. Plus, there are so many design options when it comes to tiles. For example, you could lay them diagonally for an interesting dynamic that also enlarges the space – perfect for small cloakroom ideas. 

However, tiling and retiling a cloakroom can be expensive, so you must design it just as you would like to avoid any costly changes in the future. Make sure you choose tiles you like and that they add to the space to ensure you won’t change your mind down the line. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Include Furniture

cloakroom ideas with a casual armchair

One of the latest bathroom design trends includes non-bathroom furniture. And when you think about it, it makes sense! After all, many use the bathroom to unwind and relax, whether in or out of the bath. So, if you have space, why not include some comfortable furniture in your quirky cloakroom ideas? Including small accent chairs or a space-saving angel chair to create a small area where you or your guests can sit down and relax away from the hustle and bustle of the home can work wonders. 

Include A Built-In Storage Wall

Storage is vital, particularly if you’re working with a small space. One of our favourite cloakroom storage ideas is to build it in! By installing a built-in storage wall, you can free up floor space and reduce clutter to maximise the efficiency of your cloakroom. Built-in cabinets and shelving are great alternatives to transforming a whole wall into storage, guaranteeing plenty of space.

Also, don’t be tempted to hide everything away when it comes to cloakroom storage ideas. Although hidden storage is practical, providing a mix of storage solutions will enhance the room without reducing the functional space. We have plenty of space-saving storage hacks for all rooms of the home to help you get inspired. 

Make It Modern With Marble

a marble sink with soaps and flowers on

Marble is a trendy material in bathrooms and cloakrooms, lending a timeless, elegant edge to the space. Plus, marble is naturally water-resistant, durable and long-lasting, making it the perfect material for these rooms. 

When it comes to incorporating marble into your luxury cloakroom ideas, there are several ways to do so. One popular option is to use marble tiles on the floor or walls. This creates a sleek and modern look you can pair with contemporary design elements like chrome or stainless steel finishes. Alternatively, you can opt for a marble basin or countertop, which creates a more dramatic and luxurious feel.

Another way to incorporate marble into your cloakroom is through accessories like soap dishes, toothbrush holders, and towel bars. These small touches add elegance and refinement to your space without overwhelming the overall design.

Go Au Naturale With Mid Century Modern Design

Mid-century modern design has made a huge comeback in recent years, and for a good reason. This iconic design style is characterised by clean lines, organic shapes, and a focus on natural materials, making it a great choice for a modern cloakroom. 

Choose natural materials like wood, stone, and metal to achieve this look in your cloakroom. You can incorporate these materials into your walls, floors, and cabinetry to create a cohesive and organic feel. Next, choose simple and streamlined mid-century furniture pieces with clean lines, and opt for bold graphic patterns in your accessories, such as geometric prints and abstract art.

Mid-century modern design typically uses a limited colour palette of neutral tones with pops of bold colour. Consider incorporating shades like olive green, mustard yellow, and burnt orange into your design scheme to add a touch of vintage charm and warmth.

Add Greenery

small cloakroom ideas with a mirror and plants

Biophilia, or the instinct to connect with nature and other living beings, is a lovely concept that people have started bringing into their homes. And how could you deny it in your cloakroom decorating ideas? This concept focuses on developing and maintaining a connection with nature within a built environment, and the benefits of houseplants in the home are endless. So, factor them into your cloakroom ideas! Of course, succulents, like Asterias and Rusbyi, are fantastic for small rooms, whereas those with more space can go for larger plants, such as Pitcher Plants and Pothos. But, even if you’re looking for tiny cloakroom ideas, adding a houseplant or two will instantly perk up the room. 

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Give It A Timeless Style 

Putting together a timeless design is definitely a smart choice with a cloakroom. Unlike other rooms in your home, you don’t want your cloakroom to become outdated quickly, as it can be a costly and time-consuming renovation. Instead, you should create a space that will stand the test of time and look great for years.

White sanitaryware is a great choice for a timeless cloakroom as it goes with any wall colour, giving you the flexibility to refresh your interior as and when you want to. White toilets, basins, and baths are classic and understated and can work well with traditional and modern decor styles. Plus, they’re easy to clean and maintain, making them a practical choice for a small space like a cloakroom.

When it comes to walls, light-coloured paint or trompe l’oeil wallpaper can create a sophisticated and airy atmosphere. A light and bright cloakroom is perfect for a timeless finish, making the space feel larger and more inviting. Trompe l’oeil wallpaper will add a whimsical charm to the room while maintaining a classic and timeless feel.

Pair your white sanitaryware and light-coloured walls with contemporary chrome or brass faucets to put the icing on the cake. These finishes are sleek and modern yet still have a classic appeal that will always stay in style. Choose simple, streamlined designs for a minimalist look or more ornate details for a touch of vintage charm.

From Traditional to Modern: Cloakroom Design Ideas for Every Style

A cloakroom may be a small space, but it offers a big opportunity to inject personality into your home. You can transform this often-overlooked space into a stylish, functional retreat with the right cloakroom design ideas. Whether you’re looking for luxury cloakroom ideas, quirky cloakroom ideas, or simply some clever storage solutions for your small cloakroom, there are plenty of creative options to consider. From classic white colour schemes to modern marble accents, there is a design style to suit every taste. Whatever you were looking for, we hope our cloakroom ideas have inspired you to get started.


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