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  • 5 of the Best 2018 Trends for a Child’s Bedroom

    It's easy to go over the top when decorating a child’s room, making it too ‘busy’ and cluttered. You can easily add an element of style to tie a child’s room together using simple statement pieces that'll stand the test of time. But what are the current trends?

    Children's Bedroom Styles

    Decorating a child’s bedroom can be difficult as their tastes and needs change so quickly. It can make investing in key pieces difficult, but we’ve taken a look at what is coming our way in terms of top trends.

    1.   Metal

    white metal bedframe

    Trends in bed frames and other key bedroom items come and go but what is making a comeback this year is the metal bed frame.

    Metal can be as utilitarian or as soft as you would like it to be. A white metal bed frame would be a perfect addition to a bedroom where the ambience of the space is calm, fresh and unashamedly feminine.

    Great for the older child or teen, this soft look would match well with the trend of pastel wall colours this year too. Why not match with a light blue tub chair, for example? Or match with a darker colour to add a pop of colour and depth to the space.

    2.   Velvet

    It is a soft, plush fabric that is cosy and warm, perfect as a throw or upholstered chair and velvet is definitely the must-have fabric in a child’s bedroom this year.

    Strikingly simple velvet chairs add texture and depth to a room both by their neutral colour and by the plushness of the velvet fabric. Many designers are using velvet across the homeand there is no reason why it can’t sit well in a child’s bedroom too.

    3.   Neutral colours

    4 pieces of framed giraffe artwork

    We often assume that a child’s bedroom has to be decorated in primary colours to have any impact but, just like other rooms in the home, you need to use a colour that creates the right feel to the space.

    A bedroom is for sleeping, but it is often a play space, a place to study as well as a sanctuary to unwind after a busy day. So, rather than splashing vivid green or sunshine yellow on the walls, consider how the wall colour will create the relaxing room it needs to be.

    Thankfully, the 2018 wall colour trends for kid’s bedrooms is helping us out by being a neutral palette. As well as bright white for a neutral canvas, consider using warm cream or even a barely-there grey to give a thin veil of colour to a space.

    If you want to add more than a hint of colour, the must-have scheme for 2018 is to use pastel colour. From ice cream pinks to light blues and shimmering yellow, there are many options.

    To add depth and to stop it looking too bland and flat, use materials such as plush velvet and add a darker tone in the same colour as the wall. For example, use sugary pink on the walls with a darker shade with a pink tub chair for contrast.

    4.  1950s vintage

    a 1950s style childs bedroom

    If you want to throwback to a certain era, and your house can accommodate it, you are in luck because the must-have look for 2018 in a child’s bedroom is the 1950s.

    This doesn’t mean you have to trawl through thrift stores and charity shops for true 1950s furniture but rather take key components of the style. For example, the gap beneath furniture is done by slender legs, with minimum detailing.

    Clean lines, with hard floors and rugs, along with the functional look of the room is reminiscent of the Scandinavian style.

    5.   Unicorns

    You surely cannot have failed to notice all the products aimed at children and young people festooned with this magical, make-believe creature!

    It may be kitsch and quirky, but anything with a unicorn on it is perfect for a child’s bedroom in the coming year. From curtains to duvet covers, to slippers and stuffed toys, the unicorn is making a comeback.

    What changes and trends will your child be opting for in their bedroom decoration this year?

  • 7 Hallway Decorations That Make the Right Impression

    The hallway is easy to leave unadorned and uninteresting, all in the name of leaving it clutter-free. That’s what we think it should be like. But first impressions count. so if the hallway is boring isn't making the statement that you would like it too.

    But this doesn’t mean make drastic changes. The smallest of details can have a superb impact on turning the hallways from ordinary to extraordinary.


         I.        Let there be light!

    Most hallways have one problem in common – lack of natural light. Most lack a pleasant ambient light of any kind. It seems the lighting in a hallway alternates between a bright light commonly seen on airport runways and tiny, ineffectual lighting that adds nothing of consequence to the space.

    The time has come to take charge of hallway lighting. If nothing else, invest in a dimmer switch and the services of a qualified electrician to give you control over hallway lighting.

    There is nothing to say that the hallway light can’t be a statement piece. We are loving the industrial style pendants as well the over-exuberance of a hallway chandelier. Nothing is too good for the hallway, in our opinion…


       II.        Mirror, mirror on the wall…

    Nobody said we had to reinvent the wheel and so if nothing else, a hallway mirror is a super detail to add. The bigger the better, in our eyes, but for a very small hallway a frameless mirror works well. In a slightly larger hallway, you can make just as much of an impact with the frame as the reflective properties of the mirror.

    From reclaimed wood framed delights to ornate, moulded frames, there is a mirror out there in your style, size and budget range.


     III.        Art gallery

    The vast expanse of wall in terms of both height and width are simply begging to be used. From creating stunning displays of your family portraits and prints to oversized film posters, there are all kinds of memorabilia and art that can take pride of place in the hallway.


     IV.        A ‘green’ wall

    For those of us that want to make a big impact, there is this clever idea of creating a green wall or a sumptuous indoor garden.

    There are all kinds of ways you can do this from creating a frame that holds plant pots, to a bespoke and professionally made vertical green wall to creating your own out of life-like artificial plants.

    Greenery in the home – more so live plants than artificial walls – is now thought to have an impact on our physical and emotional health. As you know, plants like carbon dioxide, something we produce in abundance as we breathe out hundreds of times in a day. Cleansing the air is one thing but that fact they do and that make a design statement is a double-winner in our eyes.


       V.        Statement flooring

    Lighting, mirrors, art gallery and green walls are all well and good but what about a more permanent addition of statement flooring?

    From high-quality oak flooring to coloured quarry tiles, there are many options when it comes to creating a statement hallway floor. From the classic monochrome pattern to hardwearing linoleum, there is a solution that suits all hallways and all budgets.


     VI.        Seating

    You won’t realise the difference comfy accent chairs or benches in the hallway make until you put them there. Come in from work, having dodged the weather, and slump into a comfy accent chair whilst you kick your shoes off and slide your feet into your ever-welcoming slippers.

    If you are not a fan of colour in the hallway, an accent chair is also the perfect way of adding a pop of colour. And, of course, for the stylistas amongst us, it is also a means of adding an exquisite piece of detailing.


    VII.        Feature the stairs

    It has been a trend that has hovered on the sidelines for some time, but this could be the year that we see more of painted stairs or risers. A stair carpet runner is also making a comeback, but we think playing with colour by painting the stair riser, the small space between one stair and the next, adds character, detail and a small slither of colour that is perfectly placed.

    What would you do to make an impression in your hallway?

  • How to Protect and Clean Faux Leather Tubchairs

    Faux leather is a fantastic alternative to leather upholstery and with many advantages of faux leather chairs, it is no wonder they are a popular addition to a busy home and keeping them looking pristine and in a good state is easier than you think too.

    Before you start…

    There are two essential points that you must remember when protecting and cleaning faux leather items;

    • Faux leather is a non-porous surface and that means the stains sit on top and don’t soak in
    • Don’t allow it to dry out because, if it does, it will crack and eventually crack

    Faux leather is a synthetic material like is embossed with a leather look grain so that it looks and feels like leather.

    Protection is Essential

    Leather and its synthetic cousin, faux leather, may look similar but they are not the same. However, there are similarities and one is that both materials perform best when they are treated and protected before use.

    Any product used that promises to provide a stain and moisture repellent protective layer needs to do so specifically for faux leather. A thin protective layer means that you won’t have to scrub furiously at the surface of the material to remove any spills or stains.

    Opting for treated faux leather tub chairs may be a little more expensive but certainly worth it in the long run.

    Stain & spills happen…

    … and when they do, you need to be ready to act to stop the material becoming stained or damaged.

    As well as a protective layer, regular cleaning and ‘moisturising’ of the material also helps it to withstand use, heavy or otherwise.

    The key to cleaning faux leather upholstery is to use mild, non-abrasive cleaning materials. So, anything that has a strong smell or is heavily concentrated may be too much for it, drying it out and damaging it.

    The best solution is simpler than you think: use warm water (not hot) with a few drops of washing up liquid and using a soft cloth, simply wipe over the chair with the solution. Allow it to dry before you use it again.

    Other ways to protect faux leather upholstered items

    Again, protection is the best policy when it comes to keeping any faux leather in great shape. It is a material that has its ‘enemies’ and so, making sure you shield it from these in essential in maintaining its pristine looks;

    ENEMY – Sunlight

    Sunlight dries out faux leather and so if your dining table or living room is in a sunny spot, try to shade faux leather dining or armchairs from the sun.

    ENEMY – Colour transference

    You may have read the small print on some heavily dyed clothing items. For example on black jeans that say they may leave a stain on light coloured furniture. Faux leather could do this too. If you notice this, use a ‘baby wipe’ to lift the colour from the surface of the chair.

    ENEMY – Harsh chemicals

    Faux leather is like human skin in a way. Harsh chemicals dry it out, so using bleach, abrasive cleaners etc. will remove too much moisture. It may sound odd, but if you wouldn’t use the cleaning substance on your skin, it will be too harsh for the faux leather too.

    ENEMY – Not testing cleaning materials first

    Even non-abrasive materials need to be patch tested. This means rubbing a small amount of the solution of the faux leather in a place where you can’t see it. Just do a small patch to see how the material reacts.

    ENEMY – Not cleaning regularly

    It is tempting when life is busy to do ‘just the basics’ but what this means is that some spills and stains are ground into the material. Along with dirt, this causes the fibres to be rubbed together and worn down. Make it part of your weekly cleaning routine to wipe down your faux leather tub chairs    

    ENEMY – Scrubbing at a spill or stain

    When you do spot a stain, the temptation is to grab a cloth, douse it with cleaning fluid and scrub at the affected area to lift it. This weakens the fibres of the material, but it can also lift too much of the fabric’s colour too. When you do need to get heavy with a stain, use a circular and light rubbing motion.

    Faux leather is an ideal material in many ways. And it only takes a little care, attention and know-how to keep it in pristine condition. Tough and durable, will your next sofa or armchair be upholstered in faux leather? Find out more advantages of faux leather tub chairs.

  • 5 Ideal Seating Solutions for Small Spaces

    Small spaces need not be wasted, no matter where it is in your home or how you intend to use it. But adding seating to a corner or a small room can seem like a feat of interior design ‘engineering’. Some people seem to carry it off with aplomb whilst the rest of us struggle to stop the ‘shoe-horned-a-chair-into-the-room’ look.

    How to Solve Your Seating Problems

    There are many options when it comes to seating in small spaces. And we have five superb ideas…  

     1) Small AND Awkward - A bench

    Sometimes it not just the size of the space that is a problem but the shape of it too. A neat solution is to opt for a built-in bench.

    Benches are fantastic for many reasons but in a small space, you can fit more people in as well as use it as a versatile platform for keeping things.

    Don’t forget to utilise the space underneath too. A row of pretty wicker baskets makes for perfect, stylish storage ‘boxes’ too.

    Add cushions to soften the seating platform. Cover a piece of thick, seating foam with fabric too to make a pleasant bench sit-on cushion.


    2) Play with Dimensions – Add Height with a Wingback Chair

    When it comes to small spaces, we are tempted to opt for ‘small’ furniture assuming that will work best. Using small things in a small space makes it look not only smaller but more crowded and one dimensional.

    When space is small – and there is no getting away from this fact – playing with the dimensions of the space can open it up and make it more appealing to the eye.

    For example, adding height is no bad thing, especially when you use the shape as the accent in the space. As well as a traditionally shaped chair, look for chairs that have height over width as this has a similar effect.


    3) Make the most of light – Use light-coloured upholstered fabric chairs

    Light is an important consideration in a small space too. This is emphasised by the use of colour (see the next idea for using coloured accents!) but when it comes to maximising the openness of a small space, there is no denying the beauty of a light-coloured fabric upholstered chairs.

    Use a neutral palette but if you want more detail without the clutter, use a small-patterned fabric or a fabric with same-coloured detailed, similar to a raised, embossed pattern.

    Light colours, including fabrics, reflect light rather than absorb it. And this is great news when dressing a small space.

    The important thing is not to over-dress a small room or area as this can make it feel smaller than it is. In essence, keeping cleanliness and light fabrics is the best way to create an illusion of space without knocking a wall down.


    4) Use Colour – Add an Accent Chair

    Colour is an important consideration in a space and when it comes to a small space, it needs to be at the top of your styling agenda.

    Accent tub chairs are a great styling resource and can add the detail that can often be bereft in a small space;

    • Dark colour – a dark coloured tub chair can add the dramatic detail that a room needs. Frame it by adding lighter coloured throws of a scatter cushion or two.
    • Lighter colour – a light coloured chair can still be an accent, especially if the walls are neutral or even white. Again, add warmth with a throw or a scatter cushion.
    • Patterned – there is no rule to say that you cannot opt for a boldly patterned accent tub chair in a small space. But keep it simple. In other words, keep the pattern to the tub chair and let the rest of the room or space flow with neutrality and small, non-dramatic detailing.
    • Mix patterns – 2018 promises to be the year of the maximalist look and again, there is no reason why you can’t opt for this style in a small room. Against a block-coloured background, mix similar patterns together, including on the tub chair fabric. As well as flowers or stripes, why not bring the look right up to date with geometric patterns.

    5) Frame it

    No matter how big or small the space is that you are dressing, it needs to be framed. Think in threes – chairs, rug and table – and arrange them in a way that they are connected. For example, the small, occasional table sits between the two chairs, with the rug acting as a platform beneath all three items.


    Doing this brings a sense of cohesion to a space, framing the furniture within the space you have available.


    Do you struggle when trying to style small spaces? Which of these ideas will you try?

  • Top 35 Interior Design Blogs Of 2018

    Here at Tub Chairs, we are eagerly looking forward to an interesting design year in 2018.  We’ve compiled a list of our Top 35 UK based designer blog sites.  Dipping into these gives a real sense of delight.  Make sure you’re sat in a comfy chair, and you’ve got a bit of time spare to treat yourself to some beautiful ideas.  

    Cereal is a magazine run by a couple based in Bath who works tirelessly to inspire us with their sleek, modern and understatedly beautiful design choices, find out about some of their inspirations here. Floral chair design

    Abigail Ahern produces practical articles related to interior design.  You can read through her design ideas and feel inspired to give your home a bit of uplift.  

    Sarah Akwisombe is full of life character who left her day job to explore being an interior stylist. Her blog is alive with positivity and ideas for first-time buyers.  See how you reflect her colourful style with one of our Artemis Accent chairs.


    The FTs How To Spend It has been steadily building a beautiful archive of interior design articles, which often highlight up and coming designers and featured their work.


    Fresh Design Blog has a multitude of ideas for you to find your perfect furniture.   They will provide you with contemporary ideas to help you choose your perfect setting.

    Clean Minimal Room Design

    The Design Sheppard written by Stacey is a wonderful look into all things interior, from up to date news and a myriad of ideas.


    For minimal and sleek design look no further than this beautifully curated website at Lobster and Swan.  The ideas and photography will have you craving this Scandi style home all on your own.

    Scandi Design

    Over at Kate Young there is a wealth of ideas for decorating your home with a budget, albeit a very stylish one. Her thoughts are wonderfully sourced and presented.


    Stylejuicer is written by the super talented Annie Kruse whose images portray her sense of clean graphic style.  It’s easy to add beautiful accents like these to your home with the Artemis chair.

    White Room Design

    VInterior is a relatively new addition to the blog design world, and they have a good blog about how to get the look and make your home look like the one straight out of a magazine. They are particularly good at mid-century furniture.


    Copperline has a fine collection of ideas for your home.  Fiona Reid has an eye for style and finds some treasures to inspire you.


    Moregeous will help you find the ultimate in easy slow living in your home.  The blog is full of fun ideas for cooking as well as home styling.  There’s also a really handy before and afters section so that you can see how a project develops from start to finish.

    Cosy Home Design

    British magazines always provide a wealth of good ideas for decorating.  Elle Decoration has a reference library on their inspirations page.


    The same applies to Living etc. and their style page.  Beautifully photographed interiors always mean that there is something for every design enthusiast.   It also profiles new designers starting out.


    Sania Pell has produced this beautiful website full of ideas for interiors.   The colours are soft and easy to live within your home.  Endlessly endearing.


    One of the best places to look for ideas is on Ideal Home. The sections are well labelled, and you will easily find something to suit all tastes.   This pretty Wingback chair would fit in perfectly to one of the schemes featured on their site.


    Loop the Loop is based in Wales and have a warm and cosy inspired website that give you a comfy sense of home.  Beautiful images accompany the informative text.


    The Rockett St George website has so much to give.  Feed your soul with their posts from designers, who give helpful advice on projects from start to finish.  They also keep us all up to date with the latest trends.


    Always looking forward to new designs and styling Bodie and Fou is a well-established brand who love to share beautiful things.  We spend hours on here dreaming of an equally minimalist and tidy home.


    Bright Bazaar is just that, bright. If you’re looking for a shot of light and energy in your home, Will can help you achieve it.  He tirelessly works to input colour into peoples lives. A wonderful site to behold.


    British Style UK is a wonderful resource for those of us who want to know what is available specifically in the UK.  They cover the high street brands and supermarkets so you’ll never miss a great deal.


    Jen from Love Chic Living has a site which details lots of how to and practical advice on interior design.  Her blog is full of really great ideas, which can easily be incorporated into your home.


    Dezeen online magazine has been around for a few years now and have built up a fabulous archive of all things design related.  They cover the international design arena, so it’s a fascinating journey through their archives.


    Another place we constantly feel motivated by is Nowness.  It’s a website full of videos relating to design, fashion, culture and music. Their ‘In Residence’ series shows the insides of the homes of architects and designers, sometimes interviewing them also.  It’s a wonderful look at the world of a designer and how they work.


    People creating designs

    The Design Hunter website is a pleasure to look at.  One of the top interiors blog sites it always maintains an eye for quality and sustainable ideas.  One for the little black book.


    Wild and Grizzly is a fun-filled website with a kid-friendly attitude.  Why not add a little colour to your children’s bedroom with this eye-catching kid's Angel chair.


    Decorenvy was started by Lucy as she was tired of seeing the same old IKEA products gracing people’s houses.  I’m sure she’s not the only one.  The result is a curated list of beautiful interiors products that can be found online.   The most addictive section is the home tours.  Full of places we’d all like to live.


    Mad About The House is an eclectic and intriguing mix of design styles all in one blog.  It makes a welcome change from the pale muted colours of a lot of the Scandi websites.  It felt a bit more sophisticated and grown up.


    Swoon-Worthy can help you decide on colour combinations, swatches and has useful tips on how to make your decoration work well.   There are fabulous styling tips alongside each article making design decisions easy.


    Hello, Pea Green has a good selection of news and reviews across the interior design spectrum.  The site also reviews the all-important design shows so that you can gauge what is being produced by the world’s top designers.


    The new-ish Country and Town House blog has been building reputable client admiration from designers and enthusiasts alike.  It has a good blog section where you can read about some beautiful objects of desire.


    House and Garden magazine is a well-established magazine, but less well known is their blog, which houses an archive of very useful projects and ideas about design. The do’s and don’ts section is invaluable.


    retro home design

    Rose and Grey give you interior styling ideas that will improve your home life.  The layouts are uncomplicated and achievable for even the wariest of aspiring designers.


    When looking for an overview of the home and to see inspirational ideas Dear Designer is a fun place to start.  Carole King writes up to date relevant articles to help us decide on where to focus our ideas.  Imagine a Sunday afternoon spent reading about her ideas in our comfy Jubilee chair.


    One last one for the Scandi fan.  Hannah in the House is a treasure trove of beautiful muted colours and a historical look back at where the style originates.  Hannah shares practical ideas from her home that can easily be translated into yours.

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