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  • How Clean is Your Home? (Infographic)

  • How to Make an Impression with Accent Furniture

    Have you ever considered accent furniture? Take a look at how bright, quirky and stylish accent furniture can help make a lasting impression on guests, family and friends.

    We all want to live in a functional, stylish home. Accent furniture is the addition that can turn a room from ordinary to extraordinary. And yet, not many of us are brave enough to take the plunge which got us thinking – what is accent furniture and how can we use it?

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  • Why You Should Clean Your Bedroom Daily

    It may be a mundane task but cleaning and tidying your bedroom daily can set you up for the rest of the day. With ‘Make Your Bed Day’ encouraging us to make this a daily feature, we look at how a tidy bedroom and a made bed affects our attitude.

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  • What You Should Consider When Hiring an Interior Designer?

    “If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.” Ralf Speth

    There is nothing quite like the feeling of walking into a well-decorated space. Everything from the lighting (an important and often forgotten element) to the furniture and art choices immediately set you at ease, embodying a sense of effortless good taste and relaxation.

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  • 5 Sewing Projects To Give Your Home A Refreshing Lift

    There's nothing better than showing off your home sewn goods to friends and family when they come to visit over the holidays. Make some of these stylish crafts to complement your home decor in time for the winter.

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