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  • Win £250 to Spend at Tub Chairs

    And add style and glamour to any room in your home!

    Surrounded by stylish and pleasant furniture that is both functional and practical for you and your family is a basic need of any style trend. What if you could win £250 to spend across the Tub Chairs range, and add stylish seating to your home?

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  • The Ultimate Autumn Cleaning Checklist

    Never mind spring cleaning! Autumn cleaning is important too. Our checklist is the perfect guide for making sure all the essential autumn cleaning tasks don’t get forgotten.

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  • 5 Modern Kitchen Design Trends

    Kitchens have been the heart of the home for millennia. It’s only right that your kitchen is stylish, warm and welcoming. We take a look at the most recent kitchen design trends that anyone can adopt.

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  • 3 Spooky Ideas For Halloween Interior Decorations

    Halloween, it’s a fun time to dress up as something scary and eat plenty of sweets. Whatever you have in mind this year for trick or treating it’s a fantastic time of the year to make memories. So, putting the spooky Halloween spirit in your home should be just as fun. Below, we are bringing some of the most brilliant interior halloween decoration ideas we could find. Just a few touches of Halloween decor will go a long way in any home so get in the scary mood with our traditional yet fresh Halloween ideas.

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  • 4 Ideas for a Mini Autumn Home Makeover

    Do you feel like making a few changes to your décor this autumn? These ideas are perfect for helping you complete a quick autumn inspired makeover. From investing in new wingback chairs to giving your home a splash of paint, you can give your home a whole new look.

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