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Black Faux Leather Tub Chair



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In a nutshell, this black leather tub chair is an excellent value and elegant addition to every room. All our tub chairs are carefully designed with an in-house team that boasts of several solid years of experience in the design and manufacture of exclusive furniture.


From dentist office to five-star hotel lounges, tub chairs remain a versatile staple of interior design. Over the years that we have been in business, there is no single day that our customers haven’t asked for the range of tub chairs that we stock. Of all of our products, the black faux leather tub chair remains of the most popular.

Crafted with high-end comfort in mind, this product is the perfect chair to enjoy your “me time” after a stressful day in the office as you catch up on an episode of your favourite TV show or enjoy the chapters of a good book. Simply put, this chair provides the ideal solution to help you put your feet up and chill out. Again, this tub chair is suitable for any room in your house. Whether it is in your lounge, bedroom, or conservatory, this tub chair will never disappoint you.

This vibrant tub chair is designed to provide both comfort and fun—in a myriad ways. To begin with, the deep bucket seating of this seat enhances unmatched comfort as your relax with a drink or your favourite book. In fact, its unique shape and design have been found to eliminate the miseries of lower back pain for people with chronic conditions. What’s more, if your floors aren’t level, black faux leather tub chair will even serve you better as they come with adjustable legs for extra comfort and compatibility.

Cleaning and maintenance is must if you want to increase the lifespan of your furniture. Different materials in our homes offer varying levels of ease of cleaning and maintenance—while some are super easy to clean, others can be really daunting. Our black faux leather tub chair is the one the easiest to clean and maintain as you simply need to wipe it with a damp cloth. Additionally, the material neither cracks nor fades.

As the name suggests, faux leather includes no animal components. This is one of the top reasons why you should consider them, especially if you are environmentally conscious or care about the eco-friendliness of your furniture.

If there is anything that puts the black faux leather tub chair on top of most chairs that you’ve come across is their frames. These pieces of furniture are made with sturdy wood frames that are carefully covered with density fibre and foam to provide excellent comfort and durability. Whether you plan to use them in the office or at home, these tub chairs provide smooth and durable addition to any environment.

If you are looking for a durable tub chair for your living space, look no further. This beautiful and versatile seat does it, and does it perfectly. It hits all the important notes for the classic design, with a unique touch of brown at its base which provides a breathtaking contrast and elegant finish.

Height 76 cm
Width 79 cm
Depth 71 cm
Seat Height 43 cm
Colour Black
Material Faux Leather
Pattern Plain
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