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Angel Chairs

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  1. Grey Angel Accent Chair



    The Artemis Grey Angel Accent Chair is for those of you looking for a statement piece. Grey is such a great colour to use in a light room as it can give the impression of clean lines. The arms and deep seat on the accent chair allow for a tranquil rest when sat on, not to mention the perfect chair for light reading or watching television.

    Angelic by appearance and devilishly comfy, the grey angel chair is sure to have you never wanting to stand again. Beautiful shades of grey and button detailing take the angel chair design to the next level. It's humble, but very effective.

  2. Beige Angel Chair



    This beige accent chair or angel chair will add a touch of luxury and features great comfort and appeal rolled into one. The angelic design and elegance is enhanced with an open wooden seat base. Featuring a deep seated design, this buttoned accent chair introduces a touch of retro charm to your space.

    You can really loosen up and relax in luxury because of the high back on this accent chair, providing extra support for your neck. A heavenly design makes it easy to place in several room settings and match with many other furniture.

  3. Riva Orange Angel Chair


    Delivery from 10th September

    The laid-back shape of this Artemis Orange Angel Accent Chair is a contemporary look that’s full of charm and is sure to leave you feeling heavenly. It’s the perfect statement chair for those drawn to a retro style. Deep and welcoming, this orange angel accent chair is restfully chic. It’s buttoned upholstery detail feels decadent and Scandi-inspired.

    Slender yet strong, its leg frame is beautifully crafted with beech wood. A feature that’ll match almost any living space. This accent chair is so comfy, you’ll have to pray that you’re able to pry yourself away.

  4. Silver Angel Chair



    This beautiful Artemis Silver Accent Chair will offer itself flawlessly to a modern or traditional living space. As the intriguing name suggests, the shape of this chair does bear a resemblance to the wings of an angel. A supported and comforting curved back is accentuated with button embellishes. The angel chair really makes a feature piece with its statement wooden base, creating fun and elegant seating to brighten up any room.

    Scandinavian inspired, the Angel Chair is a delightful and modern seat that is perfect for any room. The deep cushioned seat makes this chair impeccable for relaxing and unwinding. This silver chair can be used as part of a living room arrangement or as an statement piece in a bedroom.

  5. Duck Egg Angel Chair



    The Artemis Duck Egg Angel Accent Chair includes a padded high back meaning your quick sit down may last a little longer than you had planned. Slanted legs give this chair the picture-perfect reclining angle. The legs of our angel accent chair range are made from natural beech wood, fitting seamlessly with any interior.

    Whatever colour you choose for your home, make sure you include a statement accent chair for ultimate comfort guaranteed! With curved lines and angled legs this Scandinavian inspired is a luxury twist on sophistication.

  6. Bristol Red Fabric Angel Chair


    Delivery W/C 10th September

    This red fabric accent chair is sure to add a touch of vibrancy to any home, with added statement detail. This chair is beautifully finished with the button detail, adding structure and texture to the high back.

    The high backed, wing embracing shape and cushioning make for a well-supported sit down. In a high quality, radiant fabric. This red chair will look incredible in a corner or under a bay window. And we wouldn’t blame you for wanting to make it a show piece. But it’s so snug - it absolutely must be used for calming. Often.

Scandinavian Lounge Chairs

Angel Chairs are quickly becoming the ‘go to’ chair for studies, spare rooms or lounge areas. Their Scandinavian look and colour pallet lends themselves to light airy rooms while the leaning rake on the back of the Angel Chair allows you to sit in (and back) while relaxing with a good book or the Sunday Papers. Sloane & Sons pride themselves on innovating designs and this new look Angel Chair is no different.

An Angel Chair gets its name from the wing back element of the design on the chair creating an ‘angelic’ look when you see the chair front on for the first time. These ‘wings’ combined with the thick light beech coloured base with tapering legs ensures that comfort comes as standard with this vibrant looking armchair. The result of this design is both eye catching and elegant in the right environment ensuring that this modern (but retro) Scandinavian design will be a real feature in your house or apartment.

We have launched the Angel Chair in nine different colour pallets that we feel will suit the majority of homes and colour schemes. The light wooden seat base just slots into place and is attached by allen keys in four parts making it study and safe while you sit and relax.

Some may refer to the Angel Chair as ‘Doris chair’ or a ‘Hygena chair’ but here at Sloane & Sons we believe in keeping the Scandinavian heritage of this armchair at its core.