Swivel Tub Chairs

Elegant Leather and Fabric Swivel Tub Chairs

This stunning range of swivel tub chairs have been designed with a retro look, oozing style and quality. The robust wooden frames and swivel metal bases make each of these tub chairs hardwearing and ideal for any living area or home office.

Retro-inspired with Modernist touches, our range of fabrics brings style to your home. A variety of materials from fabrics and cottons, to faux and real leather are available at great prices, all in a wide selection of colours and patterns.

If you’re working on your computer but want to keep an eye on what’s going on behind you with the children – why twist around when you can propel the swivel tub chair by using your feet and keep your eye on everything, without twisting your back. Imposing and contemporary, the swivel tub chair adds the final professional touch to any office or home.